TFB REVIEW: Safariland IncogX IWB Holster System – GLOCK 45 MOS

by Pete
TFB REVIEW: Safariland INCOGX IWB Holster System – GLOCK 45 MOS

I was assured when I started carrying my guns in an appendix inside the waistband (AIWB) holster, that I would promptly shoot myself in a very important area. Four years later, I am happy to report that I remain completely intact and a moderate proponent of AIWB carry. My current AIWB holster for my GLOCK 45 MOS with RMR and a full-size SureFire X300 Ultra weapon light has been my favorite for more than a year. But today we are going to take a look at the new Safariland INCOGX IWB holster system, a collaboration with Haley Strategic Partners. How does the new Safariland INCOGX stack up? Let’s take a look.

TFB REVIEW: Safariland IncogX IWB Holster System – GLOCK 45 MOS

Yes, you read that right, I carry a GLOCK 45 with a slide-mounted optic and a full-size weapon light, a fact that was questioned by one suspicious TFB reader in my Trijicon RMR HD review. Here’s my proof.

TFB REVIEW: Safariland INCOGX IWB Holster System - GLOCK 45 MOS

I know that this is not part of the review, but I have migrated away from the recent trend towards micro compact carry guns and back to midsize or full-size pistols. Micro compacts make carrying an EDC gun extremely convenient, at the cost of a smaller grip. My thought is if you are going to carry a pistol, make it one that fits your hands perfectly. For me, a GLOCK 17-size grip is just about perfect.

Full disclosure, I am not a quick-draw Instagram speed shooter hero with a patented brand and vibe. But I have carried a pistol every day for 25 years. Yes, every day, even at the trunks optional beach in San Juan. Belt holsters, paddle holsters, and even a brief stint with a shoulder rig, I have tried most of the options. For me, the move from leather to polymer was the biggest leap in holster technology in the last two decades. The INCOGX is made with Boltaron, a heavy-duty thermoplastic.

TFB REVIEW: Safariland INCOGX IWB Holster System - GLOCK 45 MOS

When appendix carry first came on the scene a few years ago, I was a skeptic. The positioning looked uncomfortable, mostly in the seated position (where most Americans spend the majority of their time). But my real hesitation came from being set in my ways and avoiding the need for retraining and fixing years of muscle memory.

Appendix carry gets its name from the fact that the grip of the pistol sits right in the same area where the appendix lives. For a bit of an anatomy lesson, this location is actually referred to as McBurney’s Point which is one-third of the distance from the anterior superior iliac spine to the navel.

McBurney's Point - wikicommons
McBurney's Point - wikicommons

My new line of AIWB holsters will be called the McBurney Rig (trademark pending) which now that I think about it, I probably should offer Safariland the first right of refusal. Call me.

The beauty of appendix carry over strong-side carry is that the holster and the gun are placed much closer to the shooter’s hands. This facilitates a faster, smoother draw that places both hands on the gun closer to the body. Another benefit is that with both hands close to the gun, weapon retention is easier. If you carry a gun, I suggest you get reputable instructions on keeping your gun in the holster, especially when someone is trying to take it from you.

Below, the INCOGX includes an offset strut (far left) with the ability to swap clip inserts of three different thicknesses. The strut and clip help to move the holster slightly away from the body for a better draw.

TFB REVIEW: Safariland INCOGX IWB Holster System - GLOCK 45 MOS

As with any piece of equipment that you trust with your life, new holsters should go through a familiarization period that includes function checks, proper positioning, and dry firing. As a reminder, always follow the four main rules of firearm safety. After the familiarization period, take the holster and the gun to the range and practice drawing and firing smoothly and accurately. Take a class if you don’t have the skills to teach yourself.

Let’s take a look at the numbers.

Safariland INCOGX – Specifications

TFB REVIEW: Safariland INCOGX IWB Holster System - GLOCK 45 MOS

Introducing the IncogX, a newly redesigned RDS-compatible IWB holster. A collaboration between Haley Strategic Partners and Safariland, the 10th-anniversary edition of the Incog IWB holster provides enhanced concealed carry features for users. An ergonomic, mission-adaptable, RDS compatible, multi-positional, deep concealment IWB hybrid thermofolded holster. Its distinctive features enable concealed carry for a wide range of handgun fits from various carry positions while allowing for a full firing grip prior to drawing. The design features passive retention and adjustable tension functionality, allowing a fine-tuned holstered firearm fit and draw feel. This evolution of the IncogX features a series of clips that allow more adaptability to the end user while providing the original design intentions of enhanced grip acquisition, concealment, and functionality. The clips open outward and slide down with the holster, naturally locking in place over the belt. An actuated finger tab flexes to open, allowing quick installation or removal from the belt. An improved clip strut design combines functionality with customized concealment shims that can be easily installed or removed without any tools. All IncogX models include clip strut shims in three different concealment enhancement sizes, 1/8”, 1/4″, and 3/8”.

TFB REVIEW: Safariland INCOGX IWB Holster System - GLOCK 45 MOS
  • MODEL: IncogX
  • MSRP: $120
  • USER GUIDE: Click Here
  • SKU: 1334549 (GLOCK 45)
  • PART: INCOG-0-835-A-0-CX2-61-MC (GLOCK 45)
  • 3 Sizes of Concealment Enhancing Clip strut shims
  • Micro and full-size red-dot compatibility
  • Microfiber suede-wrapped Boltaron body
  • Optional magazine caddy with tension adjustment
  • Over-the-belt polymer clips
  • Passive trigger guard and ejection port retention
  • Sight channel height is .406″
  • Light or nonlight fits
  • Clip strut shims in : 1/8”, 1/4″, and 3/8”

Below, the tension adjustment screw is highlighted in red. Use this to adjust the amount of retention force.

TFB REVIEW: Safariland INCOGX IWB Holster System - GLOCK 45 MOS
Basic setup:

The mag caddy is optional and needs to be attached with the included hardware.

Note: Follow proper clearing procedures to ensure the pistol and magazines are completely unloaded.

1. Double check that the gun and light model being used are listed on the holster packaging label.

2. To attach the mag caddy to the holster body, remove both 1/2” screws, Chicago posts and flat clip (Figure 9).

TFB REVIEW: Safariland INCOGX IWB Holster System - GLOCK 45 MOS (from user manual).

3. Position the caddy behind the holster body flange with the slots aligned with any pair of upper holster body eyelets. Install the Chicago posts into the mag caddy slots, from the suede-lined backside as shown (Figure 10).

4. Reposition the flat clip and secure the mag caddy to the holster body with the two 5/8” screws provided in the accessory pack.

Attaching the INCOGX to a belt:

With an empty holster, slide the INCOGX in between your pant and your shirt/body where the opening is vertically aligned with the McBurney’s Point. Slide the clips over the belt until the hooks engage. Make sure to keep any clothing out of the interior of the holster. Then holster your weapon.

TFB REVIEW: Safariland INCOGX IWB Holster System - GLOCK 45 MOS

Drawing the weapon with an AIWB holster involves using the support hand to lift the outer clothing layer while the strong hand draws, keeping the finger alongside the slide and out of the trigger well. It all sounds basic, but it is worth going through all the steps mentally.

TFB REVIEW: Safariland INCOGX IWB Holster System - GLOCK 45 MOS

Final Thoughts:

The Safariland INCOGX AIWB holster is well made, comfortable, and adds the ability to carry a spare magazine. There is an adjustment screw that can tune the amount of passive retention holding the gun in place. And the offset strut with different size clip inserts allows the user to tweak how the holster fits between the pants and the body.

I prefer metal clips over plastic clips, but that is mostly a personal preference. My carry gun includes the SureFire X300 Ultra weapon light, which is not yet included as one of the compatible INCOGX choices. And the $120 MSRP is slightly higher than I’d like to see. But I do believe in paying for quality, especially for things that you carry every day and trust with your life.

Check Prices on Safariland IncogX Holsters

When it comes to holsters, Safariland is top shelf. Even though the INCOGX is their first real entry into the AIWB market, it is a solid contender and offers a lot of carry gun, optic, and weapon light combinations. Give it a shot.

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  • Link Link on Oct 30, 2023

    How about a discussion on the pita it is when going to the bathroom with any inside the pants holster.

    • @Link Take off. Sit down. Place holster in pant leg to avoid forgetting it on top of the TP or handrail. Reverse process.

  • LatchkeyKid LatchkeyKid on Oct 31, 2023

    Looks like all the other appendix rigs. Safariland is solid, but if I’m spending $100+ on a holster, I’d rather it go to one of the many holster businesses making their products in the U.S.