The MONSTER RRA LAR BT6 .338 Lapua Magnum Rifle [TriggrCon 2023]

Luke C.
by Luke C.

TFBTV Show Time stopped by the Rock River Arms booth to check out this absolute monster of an AR from Rock River Arms, the LAR-BT6 chambered in .338 Lapua Magnum. Intended for those looking for bolt-action precision in a semi-auto package, the LAR-BT6 is supposed to be the perfect combination of both. This rifle is expected to start rolling out towards the end of Q4 2023 and should retail for about $5,500 according to the Rock River Arms website.

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Luke C.
Luke C.

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  • Predrag Djuric Predrag Djuric on Sep 26, 2023

    An interesting rifle with the hefty price and caliber.Can the barrel be changed for another caliber?It might have been more appealing to James had it been in the .458SOCOM?How long is the barrel 24 or 26 inch?What is the capacity?The Ruger makes their RPR in the same caliber for 1/2 the price.Is it lighter than the RPR in the .338LM?Why is the semi automatic AR in this caliber important I mean for what possible purposes?I understand the importance of the H/GPMG in this caliber.I would have traded my M1MBP for the RPR they cost about the same.

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    • Home_Work Home_Work on Sep 26, 2023

      @Predrag Djuric Wouldn't have needed a large frame AR for .458 SOCOM. Maybe .458 Win Mag.
      Why semi-auto? Great question, but the real answer is "because I can".

  • Mark Mark on Sep 27, 2023

    Would this be considered an AR-8?

    AR-15: 5.56
    AR:10: 7.62
    AR-8: .338

    • Martin Grnsdal Martin Grnsdal on Sep 28, 2023

      @Mark 7,62 minus 5,56 = 2,06 ~ 2 mm difference. 8,59 minus 7,62 = 0,97 ~ 1 mm difference.