Kukrax Wildland Knives – The Straightened Kukri Is Now Available

Giorgio O
by Giorgio O

The year 2020 not only brought us the Covid pandemic and unprecedented instability, but it also graced us with the ever-divisive Kukrax, a kukri-axe hybrid. Last year Pearson Industries, the company behind it, announced a couple of more traditional knives, and now they are finally available, as Kukrax Wildland Knives.

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Kukrax Wildland Knives - Kukrax Kukri 180

Kukrax Wildland Knives – The Straightened Kukri Is Now Available

Here below is the full press release from Pearson Industries (as usual, it’s well worth a read):

Walden TN-
Following up on the incredible success of their insanely popular Kukrax Modern Sporting Axe, Pearson Industries is pleased to announce the release to the general public of two new knife designs called collectively the Kukrax Wildland Knives. The Kukri 180 and MOST Knife (aka CHPY and STBY) are the direct result of an unholy experiment to see exactly how a Nepalese Kukri would perform without its distinctive ‘bend’ (extremely well, as it turns out). “Research would no doubt show, if such research were to be carried out in a thorough and thoughtful manner, that a large camp knife without a guard is about as safe as a hand gun missing a trigger guard, therefore we included one at no extra charge. Your fingers will thank us.” said the charismatic company owner and lead designer Fred Pearson ” Also, the names we chose for our new knives are a reflection of the fact that, by virtue being relatively late to the knife game, we found that nearly all of the really good names were already taken. While the MOST Knife name may at first appear to be a somewhat feeble, if not cheesy attempt to play the internet search algorithms, I can assure you it is not. MOST happens to be an acronym for the mission for which the knife was originally designed- Military Operations in Suburban Terrain. So there.” Like the Kukrax Pak Axe and Tak Axe, the Kukri 180 and the MOST Knife can now be purchased at the company website ( kukrax.com), select outfitters, forestry and firefighting suppliers and better knife retailers everywhere.
Kukrax Wildland Knives - Kukrax MOST Knife


  • Overall length: 17.125″
  • Blade Length: 11.375″
  • Cutting edge: 10.25″
  • Thickness: 0.196″ (5mm)
  • Construction: Monolithic Full Tang
  • Material: Heat treated 1075 high-carbon steel
  • Handle scales:

    Kukrax MOST Knife: Black Canvas MicartaKukrax Kukri 180: Walnut

  • Scabbard:

    Kukrax MOST Knife: Kydex Kukrax Kukri 180: Hand crafted leather

  • Finish: Black Traction powder coating
  • Weight:

    Kukrax MOST Knife: 1.5 lbs.Kukrax Kukri 180: 1.35 lbs.

  • MSRP:

    Kukrax MOST Knife: $279.95Kukrax Kukri 180: $269.95

  • Introductory Price:

    Kukrax MOST Knife: $235.00Kukrax Kukri 180: $225.00

  • Made in El Salvador
    Kukrax Wildland Knives - Kukrax Kukri 180
    It may have taken a bit more than expected, but the kukris with 180 degrees tip to guard angle are now in stock, ready to tackle whichever strenuous task you can throw at them while operating in suburban terrain.
    Giorgio O
    Giorgio O

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