VK Integrated Systems Donates NGSW-R/AR to Cody Firearms Museum

Nicholas C
by Nicholas C

I met VK Integrated Systems at the last SHOT Show last January. They make a smart stock, called the SIOS-C, that connects to ATAK. Well, they recently donated two of their prototype firearms, the NGSW-R and NGSW-AR to the Cody Firearms Museum.

Cody Firearms Museum @TFB

If you recall, I wrote about VK Integrated Systems last January. There I learned about their smart stock called the SIOS-C. Well, they donated two prototype NGSW firearms to the Cody Firearms Museum. We actually saw versions of these guns, also known as the XR-68, in an article four years ago by Matthew Moss.

Photo by VK Integrated Systems


The NGSW-R was developed to replace the M249 so it has an 18″ barrel. Both rifles are chambered in 6.8 Sherwood which was developed with VK Integrated Systems’ partners, Bachstein Consulting. However, it looks a little different from the article Matthew Moss posted. VK Integrated Systems included their SIOS-C smart stock which houses the all-inclusive electronics and can be attached to any regular 6-position buffer tube.

Photo by VK Integrated Systems
Photo by VK Integrated Systems


The NGSW-R was developed to replace the M4 so it has a 16″ barrel. This NGSW-R has offset folding BUIS and what appears to be a Radian Weapons Talon safety selector.

Photo by VK Integrated Systems

The more interesting detail is what is happening in the back of the NGSW-R. VK Integrated Systems attached their prototype variant SIOS-XR to the NGSW-R. The SIOS-XR looks like a true prototype and is possibly 3D printed. But the buffer tube system is different from the typical carbine buffer tube on the NGSW-AR. According to VK Integrated Systems, the tube below the buffer tube, on the NGSW-R is for routing power from the SIOS-XR into the lower receiver.

Photo by VK Integrated Systems

In the photos below you can see how the power routing is achieved.

Photo by VK Integrated Systems
Photo by VK Integrated Systems

VK Integrated Systems (VKIS), a leading provider of innovative technology solutions, is thrilled to announce that our prototype firearm has been contributed and selected for display at the renowned Cody Firearms Museum in Cody, Wyoming. This prestigious museum, known for its comprehensive collection of over 7,000 firearms, offers visitors an immersive experience into the rich history and evolution of weapons. Our firearm joins the ranks of iconic pieces from various periods, showcasing the immense technological advances over time. The recognition highlights the significance of our firearm in the context of American culture and its contribution to the ongoing innovation to advance the lethality of our countries warfighters. The rifle and ammunition system were developed to provide the US Army soldiers with increased lethality, enhanced networking capabilities, while reducing the physical weight carried by the operator. In addition to the increased performance of the operators, the command unit will gain increased visibility into battlefield conditions and increased communications across many ground, air, and sea forces.

This particular offering is chambered in 6.8 Sherwood cartridge, developed by our partners Bachstein Consulting, which shares a common bolt as a 7.62NATO/.308 cartridge as in 308 AR/AR-10/M110 rifles. Each variant, NGSW-R/AR, features the ability to house electronics for situational awareness, routing power and data from the buttstock throughout the lower receiver (shown in middle). The SIOS-XR buttstock is a prototype variant modified from the SIOS-C buttstock with integrated electronics.

We are honored to put Clarksville on the map with our product featured in such a distinguished museum, providing an opportunity for enthusiasts, historians, and visitors to appreciate its historical and cultural significance.

Photo by VK Integrated Systems
Nicholas C
Nicholas C

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  • Beju Beju on Jul 07, 2023

    Neat. Like the small arms version of seeing the evolutionary dead end 'mammal-like reptile' synapsids (most famously, dimetrodon) in museums.

  • SP mclaughlin SP mclaughlin on Jul 08, 2023

    Cool prototypes, but replacing the M249....with an AR-10 variant?

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    • LCON LCON on Jul 09, 2023

      @Vet I stand corrected. I had completely forgotten about them.