TFB Armorer's Bench: First Look - New Real Avid Master Gun Workstation

by Sam.S

Welcome everyone to the TFB Armorer’s Bench! As mentioned in the little blurb below, this series will focus on a lot of home armorer and gunsmith activities. In this article, I am so excited to introduce the brand new Real Avid Master Gun Workstation! In this first-look article, we will go over the basics that would bog down a full review. That being said, stay tuned for a full review coming soon. For now, let’s take a first look at the Real Avid Master Gun Workstation!

Real Avid Reading @ TFB:

TFB Armorer’s Bench: Closer Look – Real Avid Master Gun Workstation

Here, we at TFB hope to inform, entertain, and even inspire any would-be gunsmith or armorer out there. Ideally, with the information I provide and with the help of our sponsors, you can have some useful knowledge pertaining to the conservation and improvement of firearms technology while at the same time sharing experiences and teaching each other new tips and tricks along the way in the comments. Digging deep into what it is to be an armorer or gunsmith has significance but what is important is what those people do to show they’ve earned that title. I am happy to share my experiences and knowledge and hope it is informative!

Make your personal safety a priority:

  1. Practice proper gun safety. Always make sure before the firearm hits your bench that it is unloaded and safe to be handled.
  2. Wear the proper safety equipment. The main one would be safety glasses (decent ones) since parts are often under spring tension and you may work with high RPM tools. Other honorable mentions would be latex gloves or a respirator when working with potentially harmful solvents and oils. Also hearing protection when working with loud machinery or test-firing firearms.
  3. Modifications, alterations, and customizations will void your firearm’s warranty 9.5 times out of 10. Please take that into consideration before attempting any at-home gunsmithing.
  4. If you are unsure about proper safety practices, disassembly procedures, or warranty standards, stop, put down the tools, and consult a competent gunsmith.

Brief Overview: Real Avid Master Gun Workstation

This is the all-new Real Avid Master Gun Workstation. It boasts a whole host of controls and modulations that make use of almost all the real estate that it takes up. At the front end, there is a compartment and tray to be used for large and small tool storage. A torque wrench and some punches for example.

Working our way back, there is a barrel holding system (yoke) mounted on rails so it can accommodate a firearm of any size or shape. It is also capable of being raised or lowered. Just underneath that barrel holding system is Real Avid’s Smart Accessory System which is removable, has a magnetic tray, and it’s intended to be used with any of their Smart Accessory offerings.

Further back it is the cool one-handed gun grip pump so to speak. This is squeezed and pumped until the included foam-lined jaws grasp a gunstock.

Underneath is a set of four pads attached to adjustment knobs. This is intended to beat level out your workstation. These pads seemingly have a hole in them to make the workstation a more permanent benchtop tool by screwing/bolting it down.

Much like on their Master Gun Vise, there is a leveling knob by the rear pump. This gives the user 3 degrees of play in either direction in order to level out a scope when mounting. The base is a metal parts tray that is chemical resistant. This is important since a lot of the work the user will do will probably include some solvents and lubricants.

Specifications and Highlights: Real Avid Master Gun Workstation

The Real Avid Master Gun Workstation comes mostly disassembled and safely housed in styrofoam. Assembly is required and a manual can be found with the code on the box. I may be jumping the gun before the review but I want to say assembly is very easy and everything will fit smoothly.

• Firmly secure your firearm
• Quick-Adjustable Clamp, yoke, and shuttle for easy setup and adjustment
• Gun Gripper™ technology for form-fitting retention and secure cleaning
• Leveling Knob for precise optics mounting
• Built-in storage for frequently used items and workplace organization
• Smart-Assist™ compatible with hands-free accessories
• Up to 18.3″ travel for an adjustable fit for rifles and shotguns
• Non-marring form-fitting foam pads for protection
• Chemical-resistant metal parts tray and tool storage
• Dual-integrated cleaning rod storage
• Revolutionary Workstation for cleaning, repairing, customizing, and optics mounting
• Adaptable and modular support system for comfortable and efficient work on any long gun
• Integrated dual-rail yoke system with up to 18.3 inches of front yoke travel
• Rear clamp with one-handed trigger system and form-fitting foam pads for secure buttstock retention
• Height and leveling adjustment with non-slip feet that can be clamped or bolted down
• Metal base serves as a chemical-resistant parts tray
• Easy one-handed control and organization of tools, cleaning rods, jags, brushes, and chemicals
• Hexagon holes for holding punches, jags, and brushes
• Magnetized holes for holding small items
• Must-have Workstation for gun owners and DIY gun maintenance

The Master Gun Workstation is a groundbreaking and versatile Workstation designed to revolutionize firearm maintenance, repair, customization and optics mounting. With its adjustable and modular design, it provides a secure and efficient way to clean, repair, customize and mount optics on long guns. The Quick-Adjust Shuttle allows for precise positioning, while the Gun Gripper™ technology ensures a tight grip on gun barrels and stocks. Featuring built-in storage and Smart-Assist™ Accessory compatibility, this Workstation is perfect for cleaning and maintaining all long guns. Elevate your gun maintenance with the Master Gun Workstation and experience a new level of convenience and precision.

Closing Thoughts: Real Avid Master Gun Workstation

At first glance, the Real Avid Master Gun Workstation immediately sets itself apart from all other gun vises out there. It just looks user-friendly and easily portable. Above all it looks like it’ll last against the harsh environments it will be subjected to. Time will tell and so will I. Stay tuned for the full review on its way!

Check Prices on Real Avid Master Gun Workstations

As always, thank you for reading TFB! Be safe out there, have fun while shooting, and we will see you next time for the TFB Armorer’s Bench! Also, let us know what you think in the comments below! We always appreciate your feedback.

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  • MB MB on Jul 03, 2023

    Rockwell JawHorse. Solid as a rock, portable if it has to be, and can be used for other stuff around the house.

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    • GaryOlson GaryOlson on Jul 03, 2023

      @MB Do you think it would work as a portable shooting table with appropriate table surface clamped in? I"m looking for a field shooting table which is not permanent and not blown over by a light breeze.

  • Rock Island Auction Rock Island Auction on Jul 05, 2023

    I would consider it if their carbon fiber Bore-Max cleaning rod, didn't separate rod from handle the second time I used it. Nothing a little JB Weld couldn't fix, but for the same price as other top brands, I expect better.

    I would be interested to read how this competes with the Tipton Ultra Gun Vise since they're approximately the same MSRP.