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Doug E
by Doug E
Image credit: D&L Sports

Dave Lauck, of DL Sports has been cranking out some new modifications for revolvers lately, some of which we’ve covered here at TFB. His latest projects include a newly contoured Enhanced Cylinder Release for Smith & Wesson wheelguns, as well as new Hard Use Sights for Ruger Redhawk and GP100 revolvers. The new Enhanced Cylinder Release is for use on S&W K, L, N, and X frame revolvers.

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Smith & Wesson’s factory cylinder releases have an iconic look and function, but Mr. Lauck sought to improve the ergonomics with speed in mind. Part of his description from follows.

The DLS enhanced cylinder release was designed to improve speed loading by allowing shooters to be able to push the release straight forward without shifting their strong hand’s firing grip. With the DLS release, flipping the revolver sideways is no longer required to open the cylinder. One handed cylinder release and opening is possible for urgent situations. The DLS design is also undercut so shooters can avoid cutting their thumb knuckle during recoil, and the release can be further melted/blended for custom projects. The release is well scalloped to allow for moon clip and speed loader use. The release is compact enough in size that it is suitable for CCW, and the compact design still allows weak hand thumb cocking of the hammer when it is proper to do so. The rear face of the release has fine serrations for ample traction, while still not being so sharp that it will cut cover garments. The enhanced release is suitable for duty, daily carry, tactical, hunting and competition use.

Image credit: D&L Sports
Image credit: D&L Sports

DL Sports’ new Enhanced Cylinder Release is available for $85. You can find more photos and information HERE.


Dave Lauck has already produced his Hard Use Sights for S&W and Colt revolvers, but he’s now expanding that same design and service for Ruger’s GP100 and Redhawk revolvers, as well as the Alaskan model. In case you didn’t read the previous articles covering these aftermarket sights, D&L Sports also offers servicing to zero them, and can also form square or “U” notches in the rear sight depending on the customer’s preference, as well as add fiber optic or tritium vials for an additional charge. The base price on DL Sports’ Ruger sights is $95. You can find more photos HERE.

Image credit: D&L Sports
Image credit: D&L Sports
The Ruger GP100 sights are clearly visible in this photo, as are a couple other mods. We didn't discuss the optics and light mount service, but contact D&L Sports to inquire more about them if you're interested. Image credit: D&L Sports

What do you think about D&L Sports’ new Enhanced Cylinder Release and Hard Use Sights for the Ruger GP100 and Redhawk? If you’ve used his services or products on other revolvers, let us know how your experience has been. You can visit to view all of their services, products and photo galleries.

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Doug E

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  • Tim Tim on Jun 08, 2023

    “The DLS enhanced cylinder release was designed to cosmetically hide the unpopular S&W ILS (Internal Locking System).”

    • River_rover River_rover on Jun 09, 2023

      @Tim Unfortunately, the release is even uglier than the Hillary Hole.

  • Comrade Misfit Comrade Misfit on Jun 08, 2023

    With respect, anybody who "flips a revolver sideways" to open it knows fuck-all about revolvers.