Revolutionizing Competitive Shooting: The New Holosun 507COMP

Luke C.
by Luke C.

Introducing the Holosun 507COMP, a revolutionary red dot optic from Holosun designed specifically for competition shooters. With its near rifle-sized optic window that is instead built for handguns, the 507COMP offers an impressive increase in the shooting area compared to its predecessors. Equipped with the new Competition Reticle System (C.R.S.), shooters can choose from a range of precision options, including a 2MOA dot and various circle sizes. Boasting a durable 7075 T6 aluminum housing and a battery life of up to 50,000 hours, the Holosun 507COMP is set to redefine the competitive shooting experience and has even already been endorsed by a handful of pro shooters like Ben Stoeger.

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Revolutionizing Competitive Shooting: The New Holosun 507COMP

The HS507COMP handgun sight features a large 1.1” x 0.87” objective lens for enhanced shooting performance and Holosun’s new Competition Reticle System (CRS) with Holosun’s 650nm Red Super LED and up to 50k hour battery life with a 1632 cell.

CRS is an enhanced multi-reticle system with four components including a precision 2MOA dot, an 8MOA circle, 20MOA circle, and 32MOA circle with multiple combination settings to suit individual shooter preference. 507Comp-RD is made from 7075 aluminum with an industry standard footprint, and includes Shake Awake technology.

The optic’s window and frame are quite large but it seems to have all the hallmarks of what competition shooters want from an optic, a big window, a side-loading battery tray, an adaptable dot pattern, and of course an affordable price of just $435.00 for the red dot models and $470 for the green dot version. The new Holosun 507COMP is scheduled for release at the end of Q2 2023 (around June), interested individuals can sign up for email notifications to stay informed about its availability. For more information and to explore the features of the Holosun 507COMP, visit the official product pages for the red dot and green dot.

Luke C.
Luke C.

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  • Chevtec Group Chevtec Group on May 25, 2023

    Did I miss what footprint it is? All I saw was "a standard industry footprint." Which could mean a lot of things.

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    • JLR84 JLR84 on Jun 01, 2023

      @Chevtec Group Never understood why Holosun refuses to name the footprints for their various optics. Always end up having to search third-party sites to figure it out.

      I assume it's to avoid referencing other companies trademarks, but plenty of other manufacturers seem to have no problem stating it outright.

  • Holosun is making it more and more difficult to buy Leupold and Trijicon

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    • ChinaTactical ChinaTactical on May 30, 2023

      @Theo Crabalar 🏹📷 Investigator, I replaced my RMR with Holosun ACSS reticle red dot and boi what an upgrade. RMR is on my 9MM PCC now and it works much better there than on pistol.