Reap Weaponries SCY AR-15 Bullpup Conversion Kit

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Introduced at SHOT Show 2023, the Reap Weaponries Scy bullpup conversion kit for AR-15 pattern rifles is now available. The Scy is a drop-in kit that is attached to the lower receiver and handguard of the rifle providing a front pistol grip mount and linking the trigger forward. Let’s take a closer look.

Bullpup Firearms @ TFB:

The Scy brings the AR-15 platform into the bullpup fighting ring with complete modularity and adaptability. We designed our product around the Mil-Spec lower receiver and standard sized, M-LOK, KeyMod™, and similar handguards. The Scy allows for an adaptable bullpup configuration that can be tailored to a shooter’s needs, using the wealth of custom parts already available to consumers.

Reap Weaponries SCY Bullpup Conversion Kit for AR-15 Rifles (2)

Reap Weaponries Scy conversion kit is made of polymer with machined aluminum components and has an overall weight of 12 oz. The bullpup trigger has a linear linkage, is located 9.75″ forward of the original trigger, adds less than 1.5 lbs to the trigger pull weight and has an adjustable length to fit different aftermarket triggers. The kit features an ambidextrous forward safety selector but apparently, the original safety remains accessible too. The original magazine release and bolt release buttons must be used in the converted firearms. The Scy kit is not compatible with most billet lower receivers, AR-9 and AR-10 lowers, and it’s not recommended to be used with barrels shorter than 11 inches. The kit is recoil rated for up to .50 Beowulf. The MSRP of Reap Weaponries Scy bullpup conversion kit is $499.99.

One design element that makes it difficult to convert an AR-15 into a bullpup compared to rifles like AKs is the receiver extension / buffer tube. There were attempts of addressing this issue by having the buffer tube over the shooter’s shoulder but that’s not really practical and should be quite unwieldy. The use of shortened buffer tubes probably partially solves this issue, but the length of pull still must be excessively long for most people. Now, a conversion with a Brownells BNR-180 upper shown in the picture below (or for that matter with any AR-15 lower receiver compatible upper assembly that does not require a buffer tube) looks quite interesting with a reasonable LOP.

Reap Weaponries SCY Bullpup Conversion Kit for AR-15 Rifles (5)

I’d go with a monolithic AR-15 upper/handguard to have a solid optics mounting rail, and something like a Law Tactical ARIC bolt carrier group that cycles within the dimensions of the upper receiver, to have the shortest possible LOP. Let us know in the comments section what you think about the Reap Weaponries Scy conversion kit and the idea of bullpupizing AR-15s in general.

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