SILENCER SATURDAY #278: Silencer Central Banish 45

by Pete
SILENCER SATURDAY #278: Silencer Central Banish 45

Good afternoon everyone and welcome back to TFB’s Silencer Saturday brought to you by Yankee Hill Machine, manufacturers of the new YHM Turbo T3 5.56 rifle suppressor. Last week we dug through recent news to discover Silencers Ripped From The Headlines. This week we drop back in for a review of the Silencer Central Banish 45 titanium and aluminum modular pistol suppressor. Is it good enough to change my mind about the utility of pistol silencers? No, but it is both fun and quiet. Let’s take a look.

Above: Special thanks to our friends at AGN Global Vision for letting me borrow two thermal devices Thor a clip-on versus dedicated thermal scope review. AGM TS35-384 Rattler.

SILENCER SATURDAY #278: Silencer Central Banish 45
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Editor’s Note: Silencer Center advertises with us here at TFB. However, they, and hopefully you, are aware that I try to be as unbiased as humanly possible in my reviews. I also do not handle any of the advertising contracts at TFB.

SILENCER SATURDAY #278: Silencer Central Banish 45

As we discussed a few weeks ago in the Banish Backcountry review, the prices on suppressors from Silencer Central can be higher than comparable models from other manufacturers. The main reason for this, in my opinion, is a soup-to-nuts buying process that walks customers through the entire process – from deciding on a specific model to home delivery in every state where silencers are legal. The white glove program is built for buyers who are either new to the NFA world or don’t have the time to research every option.

With pricing and the process out of the way, I still want to talk briefly about pistol suppressors. By design, pistols are made to be compact, portable, and sometimes concealable. If you didn’t need something small for defensive use, you would probably pick a long gun with a stock and possibly a rifle caliber instead of a pistol caliber. So, when we think of the utility of handguns, adding a suppressor that is as long, or longer, as the host firearm itself, is counterintuitive to most use cases. Thankfully, life isn’t just about utility or we all might be wearing beige uniforms and eating preprocessed food rations. How dystopian.

Anyway, disclaimers over. On with the show.

At 9 to 11 ounces depending on the configuration, the Banish 45 nails it in the weight category. Heavy suppressors on carbines are annoying, but heavy suppressors on handguns will make you rethink your life choices. It is a comfortable weight even on compact hosts. There are a few aluminum baffles so use care when selecting the right cleaning solution.

Along with weight, I believe that modularity is important when deciding on a pistol suppressor. Swapping to 6.7″ from 8.6″ can turn a range setup to a home defense or backup hog hunting setup. And now I am contradicting my ‘no real utility’ argument. Either way, options are nice, and many of you may only own one pistol suppressor, so why not make it modular.

The piston selection for the Banish 45 is deep (they even have one for the H&K MARK 23) so I’m fairly certain that you’ll be able to order the right thread pitch for your guns. There is a fixed barrel spacer available as well if you plan to run the Banish 45 on a pistol caliber carbine (PCC) or a sub gun.

Let’s take a look at the numbers.

Specifications: Silencer Central Banish 45

SILENCER SATURDAY #278: Silencer Central Banish 45
SILENCER SATURDAY #278: Silencer Central Banish 45


  • Designed for pistols and pistol caliber carbines
  • Modular design allows short or long configuration
  • Lightest in its class at 9.6 oz in the short configuration
  • Includes swappable piston to fit any pistol caliber gun
  • Completely user serviceable with keyed and indexed baffles for easy and exact alignment
  • Rugged build with titanium components and tube
  • Works with both centerfire and rimfire cartridges
  • Lifetime warranty protects against all manufacturing defects and damages caused by normal use

There are eight baffles in the main section and four baffles in the extension. Each section has a red baffle and a blue baffle which are in the second to last and last position for each section respectively. The baffles are notched and click together for proper alignment.

In the shorter configuration, the end cap replaces the extension on the main tube.

Disassembly is simple and straightforward. Sam has already done the dirty work of disassembling and cleaning the Banish 45 in his armorer’s bench series a few weeks back. To me, the booster section seems to be longer than necessary. A slight redesign could shave an inch or more off the overall length by freeing up some room in the blast chamber area for the piston to function. But I am also not an engineer.

SILENCER SATURDAY #278: Silencer Central Banish 45

Shooting the Banish is a smooth experience. As with all suppressors, ammunition choice is the key to happiness. If you want the quietest possible report, subsonic ammo is a necessity. This setup has a low, deep tone and is on par with what a great suppressed pistol should sound like. Honestly, the Banish 45 reminds me of the AAC TIRANT pistol suppressor which is still regarded as being one of the best pistol suppressors. I bet it would sound even better if I had a .45ACP host instead of lobbing 9mm down that wide .45 caliber hallway.

But it was still quiet.

SILENCER SATURDAY #278: Silencer Central Banish 45

Have a great week everyone. Be safe, have fun, and we’ll see you back here next weekend for another Silencer Saturday.




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