Burris SpeedBead – Shotgun Vent Rib Red Dot Mount

Eric B
by Eric B

With the new Burris SpeedBead Vent Rib Mount, you can turn your shotgun into a dynamic hunting tool without any drilling or tapping. According to Burris, their new mount makes it easy to attach and secure any FastFire Series Red Dots, to let you shoot clays, waterfowl, upland birds, and turkeys faster and more accurately. According to the list of features, the red dot will always be centered on the rib and gun when mounted, with no play left or right. There are rib adapters included in the package, to fit multiple rib widths. The MSRP for the new mount is $60.

Burris @ TFB:

Here is a close-up of the Burris SpeedBead.

Here is the news package in full:

Burris Introduces New Shotgun Mount for Red Dots

Greeley, CO – Savvy turkey hunters understand that precision aiming is a must when using today’s advanced turkey loads. The tighter patterns and longer effective distances offered by the increasingly popular tungsten shot, for example, means careful aiming is a must — and for that, nothing beats a red dot.

Now, mounting a red dot to your vent-ribbed shotgun is super easy and lightning fast with the new Burris SpeedBead™ Vent Rib Mount. Designed for use with the Burris FastFire series red dots or any red dot that uses a Docter mounting pattern, the SpeedBead™ Vent Rib Mount is a simple DIY installation that requires no drilling or tapping.

The mount’s unique design makes it self-centering, and the mount comes with assorted rib adapters to fit multiple shotgun vent rib widths. Constructed of aluminum with a black anodized finish that will last and won’t harm your gun, the SpeedBead™ Vent Rib Mount completely captures the vent rib on both sides for maximum clamping power along the full length of the mount. Simply install your red dot onto the mount and clamp the mount to your preferred location on your shotgun’s rib. It’s that easy.

The Burris SpeedBead™ Vent Rib Mount is perfect for updating any shotgun that did not come from the factory with an optic-compatible receiver. This is an ideal solution not only for shotguns utilizing high-density ammunition but also for shotguns fitted with tight chokes or for hunting styles that bring big toms into close range.

Model: 410688

MSRP: $60

For more information on the Burris SpeedBead™ Vent Rib Mount, visit BurrisOptics.com.

Here is a direct link to the product: https://www.burrisoptics.com/speedbead-vent-rib-mount

Do you prefer shooting shotguns with or without optics?

What do you think about the new mount and the attachment directly to the rib of the shotgun?

Eric B
Eric B

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  • Mike Fink Mike Fink on Feb 23, 2023

    Out of curiosity, would this fit on a revolver, like a Python, that has a vent-rib like area just above the barrel? Again, not that I would and I know there are better options for fitting a red dot to a revolver, but just curious.

  • JSATX JSATX on Feb 23, 2023

    Looks identical to the Meadow Creek mounts which have been out for years.

    • Andrew Andrew on Feb 24, 2023

      @JSATX Thanks! I had no idea that existed.