[SHOT 2023] New SureFire Turbo Weapon Lights

Matt E
by Matt E
[SHOT 2023] New SureFire Turbo Weapon Lights

SHOT Show 2023 could be called the year of the Turbo for SureFire. SureFire has been a juggernaut in the handheld and weapon light market. With various companies making weapon lights for intensity over distance, it’s good to see the new Surefire Turbo weapon lights.

What Is The Turbo Line?

The Turbo line of lights from SureFire is designed to deliver a concentrated far-reaching beam of light. These make them ideal weapon lights for long-distance applications while still offering a substantial amount of spill for situational awareness as well as a wider field of view close-up. The Turbo line is different from their Hybrid and max vision style of lights which focuses on a wider spill and field of view. The Turbo is a more intense beam of light for longer distances and a higher level of Candela at distance.

New Handhelds

This year, there were two new handhelds released from SureFire with the EDC1-DFT and EDC2-DFT which are the Turbo versions of the EDC and EDC2 handheld flashlights. Both of these models see a significant bump in Candela readings over distance with the EDC and EDC2 Turbo handhelds having a 95,000-100,000.

This may not seem impressive until you look at the regular EDC2 handheld light that previously had a Candela reading of just 10,000. This means the new EDC2 Turbo lights are 10x brighter at distance than the previous models which is a significant increase over older models. These handhelds come in three colors – Black, Grey, and Tan. MSRP on the EDC2-DFT is $309 and it’ll be in stores sometime later this year.

Pistol Lights

In terms of pistol weapon lights, the Turbo variants of both the X300T and X400T were shown. Again much like the handheld lights, the X300T and X400T lights received a huge bump in Candela readings from 11,000 to 66,000 making the light at distance much more intense than the previous models. The X400T includes a built-in laser as well offering more options to their lineup. SureFIre will continue to sell the standard X300 as well as the X400 so there are no worries about certain models being dropped for others. MSRP on the pistol weapon lights is $369.99 for the X300T and both models should be available soon.

Long Rifle Lights Lights

When it comes to long rifle lights, SureFire upgraded their 340 and 640 lines. The new M340DFT Pro and M640DFT Pro are both new Turbo models of their rifle lights. Just like the pistol and handheld lights, the Candela ratings for both lights are significantly more than previous models. The M340 DFT gets a bump in Lumens as well as Candela ratings with 650 Lumens with a Candela rating of 95,000 which is way more than the older model with 7,600 Candela. These lights will offer a greater range with visible light on your rifle. MSRP on the M340 and M640 starts at $399.99 with black and goes slightly up for other color variations.

Stay tuned for more coverage of the latest SHOT Show news. If you have any questions about the new SureFire products or SHOT Show news, don’t hesitate to shoot me a message on Instagram @fridgeoperator. Stay safe out there and stay tuned for more SHOT Show coverage.

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