[SHOT 2023] Accufire Omnis Digital Spotting Scope, Red Dots and Thermal

Nicholas C
by Nicholas C

At SHOT Show 2023 Range Day, I came across Accufire at the long range section. Their Omnis digital spotting scope caught my attention. Accufire also has some new red dots as well as a thermal clip on they are coming out with. But first let’s talk about the Omnis and how excited I am about it.

Accufire Omnis

The Omnis has a short picatinny rail on top which can be used for mounting an LRF or simply an illuminator for low light use.

Digital optics are usually a compromise over regular analog optical solutions. They usually have poor run times and to make matters worse, they often have random reticles that do not make sense and they either do not scale when you zoom in or they do shift but the reticle does not maintain its relative size with the magnified image. Not the case with the Accufire Omnis. It has a starting magnification of 30x and can zoom in up to 120x. Since it is digital it has the ability to record video and audio from the digital image. The video out resolution is 1440×1880.

As mentioned earlier, digital systems often have meaningless reticles. See my Vectronix JIMLR, the reticle does not have any meaningful sub tensions for spotting. The Accufire engineers were instructed to input MIL reticles and more importantly make sure they stay their relative scale when the user changes magnification. So the Omnis is a sort of digital first focal plane. Below are some of the reticle options you can select for the Omins.

The Accufire Omnis has a pretty clear looking image from what I saw at SHOT Show Range Day.

One of the Accufire reps mentioned that the Omnis has a night mode and can see in the dark. It is basically a mode with the IR filter removed so it can see infrared illuminators. Here is an example of a target 500 yards away at around 8pm.

Accufire has a dedicated Arca plate under the Omnis. It is not just a simple Arca plate bolted to a tripod hole.

The Omnis runs on 4xCR123s for four hours. You can plug a USB power bank into the Omnis for longer run time. It has wifi connectivity and you can remote view the Omnis from your smart phone. You can control digital zoom and recording from the phone.

The Omnis retails $1,319.95 on their website.

Accufire Red Dots

Besides the Omnis, Accufire is coming out with their own red dots. Their PCO is for pistols and their QSO is for rifle applications. The PCO is an RMR footprint It comes with a picatinny adapter and retails for $350.

Accufire will be coming out with a PCO-S. A solar version of the PCO also for just $350.

Accufire’s QSO is a small enclosed red dot sight and is solar powered as well as battery powered. It is small. Like an Acro P2 size. It will also retail for $350.

Incendis Pro Thermal

Accufire’s Incendis Pro is a new thermal clip on. Their previous Incendis was only 384×288 resolution. The Pro will be 640 resolution. It is good for up to 6x day scope like an LPVO.

For longer run time it has a remote 18650 battery pack. The battery pack is detachable and you can mount it to your rifle for better weight balance and minimize the snag hazard with he power cable. The incenses Pro will retail for $5,999.

For more information go to Accufire’s website.

Nicholas C
Nicholas C

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  • Erwos Erwos on Jan 24, 2023

    I could be into that spotting scope if the glass isn't horrible. The insanely short eye relief makes most spotting scopes a pain to use, never mind that you have to get up from the bench to look if you're solo. I see there are some wifi adapter options for existing scopes, which could be handy... perhaps I will investigate that.