[SHOT 2023] ATN CORP 1280 ThOR Gen 5 XD And 1x ODIN LT

    ATN CORP is coming out with their new Xtreme Definition Sensor 1064 ThOR Gen 5 XD series. With a whopping 1280×1024 60hz 12 micron thermal sensor.

    The 1280 ThOR Gen 5 XD has some new features over their previous ThOR optics. It will have a custom reticle builder. They will also have an LRF built into the side that is good for up to 1000 yards and the paired up with their internal ballistics calculator you can make those longer range shots easier.

    The 1280 ThOR Gen 5 XD still has the same regular features such as one shot zero, profile manager, ballistic calculator, long battery life, smart mil-dot reticle, RAV (automatic recording of your shot). Dual stream video, iOS and android Apps. As well as RADAR from group coordinated activities.

    The ThOR Gen 5 XD will retail for just $5,500 and will have a 50 mm lens with a 2x optical magnification. Onboard it will have a 20x digital zoom as well.

    ATN CORP is also coming out with an ODIN LT with a 1x magnification. Now you can wear this as a helmet mounted monocular and have a 1x image that matches what your unaided eye sees.

    The ODIN LT 1x will have a 640 resolution thermal sensor. It should be coming out in about 1 to 1.5 months and it will cost $2500.

    With the new 1280×1026 high definition ThOR Gen 5 XD, the thermal image will be amazing. I can’t wait to see how well it does when you zoom in on something small and far. With the high resolution you should get good definition and extended identification ranges as well as recognition distances. You should be able to see farther and more clearly.

    The ODIN LT 1x will be a competitive product for helping hunters and other ATN users to scan an area more quickly. Depending on the latency in the system you might be able to drive with mounted on your head. For ore information check out ATN’s website.

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