[SHOT 2023] Anderson Manufacturing Kiger 9mm Pistol And Cerbat Bolt Action Rifle

Daniel Y
by Daniel Y
[SHOT 2023] Anderson Manufacturing Kiger 9mm Pistol And Cerbat Bolt Action Rifle

Anderson Manufacturing is a major producer of AR-15 parts and guns, but they had other things on display at SHOT Show as well.

[SHOT 2023] Anderson Manufacturing Kiger 9mm Pistol And Cerbat Bolt Action Rifle

First up is the Kiger 9C 9mm pistol. It is compatible with all Gen 3 Glock 19 parts. Multiple models are available now on the Anderson website, with pricing starting at $429.99 for the base model. Anderson also make a Pro SR suppressor ready model with a threaded barrel, tall sights, and optics cut. It retails for $549.99 and is available on the website.

[SHOT 2023] Kiger 9C base model
The most unexpected gun at their booth was the Cerbat bolt action rifle. It utilizes an R700 footprint with a Savage-style barrel nut. Unlike standard Savage actions, it uses an integrated recoil lug. The bolt is fluted and is a one piece design. TriggerTech triggers are standard.

Anderson plans to offer actions, barreled actions, and eventually complete rifles in the Cerbat line. No firm pricing or availability information was provided because it is still early in the development cycle. Long action and left-handed models are also in the works, hopefully later this year.

[SHOT 2023] Cerbat bolt action rifle
[SHOT 2023] A Savage-style barrel lug is standard and provides easy barrel changes
[SHOT 2023] Fluted one piece bolt

Anderson has dozens of AR-15 models displayed in their booth, but one that caught my eye is the A4 Short Rifle. “But that has a rifle stock and rifle gas system, how is it short?” you may ask. Well, that is an 18″ barrel, rather than the 20″ barrel which is standard on rifles like this. This configuration is also difficult to build yourself as there are not many places selling pinned 18″ FSB barrels, and doing it yourself is a huge pain. MSRP is $599.99 and they are in stock now.

[SHOT 2023] Anderson AM-15 A4 Short Rifle

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Daniel Y
Daniel Y

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  • DeadeyeDan DeadeyeDan on Jan 19, 2023

    I wish that firearms-related media outlets would make an agreement to do nothing but ridicule all of the "new" Gen 3 Glock clones coming to market, including laughing in the face of the company representative in any visual product demonstrations or interviews. I already watched the semi-auto rifle market succumb to the onslaught of 20 million AR variants, I do not want to see the same with the handgun market. It's bad enough that every company just competes to make the best NotaGlock, we don't need to see any more actual Glocks.

  • Alex Alex on Jan 20, 2023

    Why would you want an 18" pinned fsb barrel when it's not even long enough to affix a bayonet?