[SHOT 2023] Pristine Actions at Industry Range Day

    [SHOT 2023] Pristine Actions at Industry Range Day

    Pristine Actions produces bolt action receivers for custom rifle builds. They attended Industry Day at the Range and had rifles build on their actions available for use.

    [SHOT 2023] Pristine Actions at Industry Range Day


    The Pristine Action is sort of an improved “Remage” action. It is a standard R700 footprint so it can use all of the common chassis and trigger options. The barrel is a Savage-style with a barrel nut. This allows for easy barrel swaps with pre-fit Savage barrels. Unlike other actions, the Pristine has six locking lugs. Most other bolt actions have two or three. Combined with the floating bolt head, this makes for very solid and consistent lock up.

    [SHOT 2023] Pristine Actions at Industry Range Day

    [SHOT 2023] The bolt on the Pristine Action has six lugs for rock solid lock up.

    [SHOT 2023] Pristine Actions at Industry Range Day

    [SHOT 2023] The bolt uses a roller on the cocking piece (shown with the shroud removed) for very smooth operation.


    For now, the Pristine is only available in short action with either a .223 or .308-size bolt face. Dual ejectors and a Sako-style extractor are standard. I asked about long action or XL-action versions, and they said it was a possibility. They also mentioned that left-handed models are being considered as well. Pristine Actions are made in Canada but they also have a U.S. warehouse to supply our domestic demand here. They boast a lead time of only five days for their actions. MSRP is $1299 and they are available now.


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    From the manufacturer:

    • Pinned precision recoil lug included.

    • 6 Lug floating bolt head for unmatched security and strength.

    • Interchangeable bolt heads for caliber selection.

    • Roller cocking piece for super light bolt lift that creates consistent and smooth bolt closing.

    • No ‘cock-on-close’.

    • Cylindrical action designed to remove material stress

    • Double ejection pins for more consistent and powerful ejection

    • Isotropic surface finish for enhanced smoothness

    • Replaceable bolt knob – standard 5/16-24 thread

    • 90 degree bolt lift.

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