[SHOT 2023] New Nightstick Weapon Lights For Micro 9 Pistols, Full Size Guns

Daniel Y
by Daniel Y
[SHOT 2023] New Nightstick Weapon Lights For Micro 9 Pistols, Full Size Guns

Nightstick introduced the new TCM-5B and TCM-365 weapon lights for micro compact pistols, as well as some updates to other products at SHOT 2023. Let’s look at the specs and see what they bring to the table.

[SHOT 2023] New Nightstick Weapon Lights For Micro 9 Pistols, Full Size Guns

The TCM-5B and TCM-365 are identical as far as the technical specs go, but differ in their mounting compatibility. The TCM-365 is specific to Sig Sauer P-365 pistols with the single cross bolt slot at the front of the dust cover. Where the TCM-365 is gun-specific, the TCM-5B fits more or less all of the rest of the short rail guns, including the Glock 43X/48 MOS or RAIL, P-365 X-Macro, HK45 Compact, M&P 2.0 Subcompact, KelTec P15, Hellcat, and others.

TCM-5B / TCM-365 Specs:

  • 2 Hour Runtime
  • 136 Meter Beam Distance
  • 650 Lumens
  • 4,612 Candela
  • 1x CR123 or 16310
[SHOT 2023] The new lineup of Nightstick lights
[SHOT 2023] TCM-365
[SHOT 2023] TCM-365 switches

Another new product is the TWM-30-GL. Nightstick developed this model at the request of law enforcement officers who use ballistic shields. They wanted a weapon light with an integrated laser which still fit in a standard duty holster. Many lights with attached lasers have a protrusion below the main light body to accommodate the laser guts. This prevents it from fitting in a duty holster, and finding a duty holster for that exact light/laser combo can be impossible.

To accomplish this goal, Nightstick shrunk down the flashlight reflector and placed the laser in the leftover space. This looks a little odd but it has the added benefit of increasing candela.

TWM-30-GL Specs:

  • 1.5 Hours Run Time
  • 200 Meter Beam Distance
  • 1,100 Lumens
  • 10,000 Candela
  • 2x CR123 or 16310 Batteries
[SHOT 2023] The TWM-30-GL features a green laser along with the light, and fits in standard light bearing holsters
[SHOT 2023] Both the laser and light sit inside the area of what would be the lens of a standard light

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