[SHOT 2023] Polymer80 Unveil Color Matched Complete Pistols

    New from Polymer80 (Matthew Moss/TFB)

    Polymer80 had their full family of color matching 9x19mm pistols at SHOT Industry at the Range Day and we had the pleasure of putting a few rounds though them.

    As teased on their social media last week Polymer80 have unveiled their full range of PFC9, PFS9, and PFSC9 pistols with slide and frame color matching. The pistols are now available in black, gray, cobalt, flat dark earth and olive drab green. Additionally, each of these configurations is available with or without an optics cut slide and with or without a threaded barrel.

    Polymer80’s full range of new color matched pistols (Matthew Moss/TFB)

    Polymer80 also announced that in addition to the complete pistol; slides and slide assemblies are also available for purchase in all five of the color configurations.

    First up we got a look at the PFC9 in grey.

    New from Polymer80 (Matthew Moss/TFB)

    Next up was the PFC9 in flat dark earth with an optics cut slide – mounted with a Holosun.

    New from Polymer80 (Matthew Moss/TFB)

    New from Polymer80 (Matthew Moss/TFB)

    The colour match between the slide and the polymer frame was impressively close in each of the colours we examined.

    New from Polymer80 (Matthew Moss/TFB)

    The new matching colourways are also available in Polymer80’s compact offerings, the PFSC9 and a PFS9 – seen here in black and olive drab green.

    New from Polymer80 (Matthew Moss/TFB)

    I’m a fan of the grip angle Polymer80 have chosen for their PFC9 family. Combined with the frames’ aggressive stippling it makes for an easily controllable pistol, even in the smaller frame sizes with less surface area.

    Polymer80 are also currently running a giveaway to win a PFC9 optic cut pistol in either black, gray, cobalt, FDE, or ODG. Five winners total – one for each color.

    Find out more about the color matched pistols from Polymer80 over on their website – www.polymer80.com

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