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Matt E
by Matt E

2011s have been an extremely popular option for experienced shooters to pick up whether its for competition shooting or frequent range trips. Just in the last year a number of companies have released their own variant of the 2011 platform. TYPE-A Rifles has done just that with their brand new TYPE-A EG2011 which they unveiled at SHOT Show 2023.


The new EG2011 from TYPE-A appears to be a competitor to the higher end 2011 market with an all metal construction opting away from the more common polymer framed offerings that we’ve seen in the past. These new EG2011s have a 5″ match grade bull barrel with a precision crown applied for a uniform appearance at the front of the pistol. With the overall design of the pistol, TYPE-A appears to take a uniform simplistic look to their new 2011 with a tactile checkering on both the slide and grip module.

In their press release, TYPE-A also hints at a new lockup method for their optics plate lock up which will be very interesting to hear about down the road. The base price for the EG2011 starts at $4499.99 with the first 50 being made a “Special Edition method. These 50 will be sold as a complete package with a Trijicon RMR, Surefire X300 weapon light, 2 magazines and a RTI ready holster.

These special edition models will be the first 50 EG2011s sold to the public and pricing on them is $5,674.00. TYPE-A is currently taking preorders on their new 2011 handguns and will be shipping them out in batches. They made it clear during our interaction these pistols will be hand built and will only be available at the moment from them directly with the potential to purchase from their dealers down the road.

Specs List

ACTION:Single Action
SAFETY:Ambidextrous Manual Safety
DUST COVER:Full 1913 Picatinny Frame
TRIGGER3 1/2 lbs.
ACCESSORIESOptic, Light Included, & Holster

Press Release

TYPE-A is pleased to announce the release of our brand new EG2011. After three years of development, we are excited to be able to offer our exclusive line of 2011s. Built from the ground up with quality in mind, our new EG2011s are hand fitted and created as a complete unit from the ground up. The first 50 pistols will be a part of our a special edition offering where they will all ship with a Trijicon RMR, a SureFire X300 Ultra, Two 20 round magazines, and holster from the factory allowing you to grab your firearm and head straight to the range.
Here at Type-A, we want to make the highest quality product available so as a result we have decided to bring as much of the machining capabilities in house to keep our quality standards as high as possible. Our 2011 line is no different with the vast majority of parts being made in our facility we had the liberty to make designs not offered by other pistols on the market today. These special edition pistols will be made with precision and quality in mind and not widely available like our other production lines offered currently.
Our new 2011 takes our classic checkering texture and utilizes that texture on our slide as well as our all aluminum grip. Other small features include a new optics ready system proprietary to TYPE-A, a precision crowned match grade barrel, cowitnessing iron sights, and a flared magwell for easy magazine changes.
Pricing on our new EG2011 will start at $4,499.99 with the special edition pistols being slightly more with the optic, light and holster all coming standard as well. Availability will be limited since these are hand crafted firearms from the ground up, so emailing our sales team would be in your best interest if you are interested in purchasing to receive a spot on our ordering list. We will contact you with information when your turn has arrived and will proceed with the ordering process as well as payment. If you are interested in more information on ordering please contact our sales team sales@bgdefense.com
Stay tuned for more coverage of the latest SHOT Show news as it comes out this week. if you have any questions about the new EG2011 or SHOT Show news, dont hesitate to shoot me a message on Instagram @fridgeoperator. Stay safe out there and stay tuned for more SHOT Show coverage.
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Matt E

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  • Dave Dave on Jan 17, 2023

    A guy using a canik outshot guys using 2011's because he practiced. You don't need to spend any more than the cost of a glock to have a decent sidearm and if you spend 5k on one you're either a grandmaster or an idiot with too much money. Put your money into your long gun. Good handguns are cheap and common.

  • The DWX looking more genius at its msrp all the time

    • Bean Guy Bean Guy on Jan 18, 2023

      @BaronMonsterRodVonhugenstein yeah that deal is getting better all the time, just needs optics mounting to directly compete with something like this