Rossi Announces Return with 3 New Revolvers

    Rossi RM69 (Rossi)

    Rossi revolvers are back. It’s been a few years since Rossi revolvers have been available but two new models will be available in the first half of 2023 – the 6-inch RM63 and the 4-inch RP63. Both revolvers will be available in stainless finish and chambered in .357 Magnum. Later in 2023, the RM64 – a 4-inch ‘do everything’ revolver will be launched. MSRP for the RP63 will be $460.99 while the 6-inch RM66 will have an MSRP of $620.99.

    Rossi @ TFB:

    Rossi RP63 All Images Courtesy of Taurus

    Rossi RP63 (Rossi)

    Here’s Rossi’s announcement in full:

    Bainbridge GA – Once one of the leading names in revolvers, Rossi is backi on the US revolver market and better than ever with three new guns. These new revolvers bring back timeless features from Rossi’s past, while incorporating modern manufacturing techniques.

    First up is the new RP63, or as we like to call it, your next carry gun. A stainless-steel revolver chambered in .357 Magnum, the RP63 is perfect for home defense or every day carry. It uses a rounded grip frame, which reduces printing when carried concealed. With a higher capacity than similarly sized revolvers, the RP63 holds six rounds in the cylinder. The sights are fixed, which is optimal for a carry gun, and the front sight is ramped for a snag-free draw. Like all the new Rossi revolvers, the firing pin is mounted on the hammer, which has been a feature of Rossi Revolvers for over a century. Rounding off this redesign is an all-new match-grade trigger that elevates the shooting experience.

    Up next is the RM66. This six shot revolver has the same fantastic trigger as its 3-inch brother, but sports 6 inches of barrel and adjustable sights. Perfect for range day, ranch work, or revolver competition shooting, the RM66 will also squeeze the best possible ballistics out of the .357 Magnum cartridge. Although this revolver is also stainless steel, it uses a square butt configuration, making the RM66 easier to shoot with full power magnums or 38 Specials.

    Later this year, our 4 inch “do everything” revolver, the RM64, will join ranks with the RP63 & RM66. 4 inch medium frame revolvers chambered in .357 Magnum are widely regarded by experts as an optimal choice for a revolver that does a little bit of everything well. You can carry concealed, use it in the woods, hunt with it, defend your home with it, or even shoot IDPA with it. It features the same match grade trigger as all the Rossi revolvers, and the same adjustable sights as the RM66.

    Rossi revolvers are back in a big way. The RP63 and RM66 are available now, and the RM64 will launch to your gun store later this year.

    Rossi RM66 All Images Courtesy of Taurus

    Rossi RM66 (Rossi)

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