POTD: SBS Benelli M4 Shotgun With Wood Furniture

    SBS Benelli M4 with Wood Furniture

    It’s not every day you see a Benelli M4 shotgun, especially one with wood furniture and a shortened barrel (SBS). Today’s Photo of the Day comes from Josh Herring of Cotton Branch Custom Firearms, featuring his SBS Benelli M4. You may have already seen some of his other photos with his now iconic rough finished wood table, coat of arms patch of his business, and of course, a customer’s finished product. Josh describes his SBS Benelli M4 below.

    I started the project about 5 years ago. It was originally the collapsible 18” model..and with a little head scratching and machine work, I was able to fit the stock, (from an M1S90) on it. It’s doesn’t have any add-ons other than the charging handle. An exception to that would be the magazine cap, which is more of tube than a cap. It’s just a little custom part that was made in house to take the place of the original cap. From there, I cut the barrel, relocated the front sight, covered it all up with paint and that’s what’s in the photos. It really is just a plain jane, keep it simple, behind the door/under the bed, home protection firearm, but with all of the quality and reliability of the Benelli M4. The real feat lies in the walnut forearm, which I won’t comment on. We do, however, have a limited number of sets available and they they’re selling..so if you want one, let me know.

    SBS Benelli M4 with Wooden Furniture

    You can view more of Cotton Branch Custom Firearms’ work on their Instagram page @cottonbranchcustom (you won’t be disappointed). If you’re interested in purchasing a wood stock and forearm as you’ve seen here, you can reach Josh at his email: [email protected].

    What do you think about this SBS Benelli M4 with wooden furniture? If you have a great photo of one of your guns or gun projects you want to share, feel free to email us.