Save Your Digits with GrovTec's new Rail Wraps

Luke C.
by Luke C.
Save Your Digits with the New GrovTec’s new Rail Wraps

If you’ve ever been through a high-volume of fire range day or a particularly intense carbine or rifle course, you’ll inevitably have run into problems with heat coming from the barrel and transferring through the handguard. GrovTec’s Rail Wraps are a new product for 2023 that help to reduce that problem by providing an insulating layer of material between your handguard and your hands that will keep them from getting uncomfortably hot when you’re running your rifle through a couple of well-deserved mag dumps.

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Save Your Digits with the New GrovTec's new Rail Wraps

Save Your Digits with GrovTec’s new Rail Wraps

GrovTec’s new Rail Wraps are compatible with both AR and non-AR pattern rifles and pistol forearms and are designed to help mitigate heat transfer between the weapon’s forearm/handguard and the user. The Rail Wraps are available in multiple colors and patterns (right now only black and multi-cam are available) and also feature an integrated elastic webbing that can be used to stow your sling when not in use, and also doubles as an easy solution to cable management for mounted accessories.

Save Your Digits with the New GrovTec's new Rail Wraps

While the Rail Wraps featured in the product images are mounted so that the heat transfer is minimized to the user’s hand, representatives from GrovTec have also stated that the Rail Wraps can be inverted so that they can work similarly to how a suppressor wrap works and will instead mitigate heat transfer and mirage coming from the top of the forearm – this could prove to be invaluable for those who prefer to run suppressed piston uppers.

Save Your Digits with the New GrovTec's new Rail Wraps

GrovTec’s new Rail Wraps currently come in a 6″ configuration in either black or MultiCam patterns and should be released in early 2023. Each of the 6″ Rail Wraps will cost you $40 which is a pretty small price to pay to help deal with heat buildup or for use as a convenient and adaptable cable management system. For more information, you can visit

Save Your Digits with the New GrovTec's new Rail Wraps
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    sexy panties for your gun

  • Matthew Matthew on Jan 08, 2023

    OH! I know the answer to this question. It is called utility gloves. I think they make them for half this price, and then you don't have even more stuff on your gun, that also slows cooling the barrel.

    A quarter the price if you just want cheap home improvement store utility gloves and not sexy multicam Mechanix utility gloves.