The 2023 Cabot Gun of the Month Club Pistols

    The 2023 Cabot Gun of the Month Club Pistols (1)

    Established in 2020, Gun of the Month Club is a Cabot Guns subscription program that allows its members to acquire a custom limited edition Cabot 1911 pistol each month of the year. Cabot Guns have just released the 2023 collection of Gun of the Month Club pistols which has a total value of over $115,000. Only 23 of each of these pistols will be produced matching the number of members of the club. Below you can find the list of the 2023 pistols with manufacturer descriptions. For more pictures of this collection’s pistols, visit the GOTM2023 page here. To take a look at Gun of the Month Club pistols of previous years, click on the following links: GOTM2020, GOTM2021, GOTM2022.

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    January – Belligerent Rhone

    The 2023 Cabot Gun of the Month Club Pistols

    The Belligerent Rhone launches GOTM2023 as a Cabot with a dichotomy of persona. Cloaked with the elegance of an evening stroll along the banks of an Alpine river in a serene Swiss village, but the heart of the Rhone pounds strong with the proud Belligerent spirit of a mass of Irish soccer fans!  Clean and sleek, the bobtail frame and modern vertical serrations on this full-cycle technology Cabot Commander 1911 make for an elegantly functional carry pistol with the refined styling of hand-polished satin flats and piano black Ebony grips. But make no mistake, “subtle” is not in its vocabulary.  The ported bull barrel of the Belligerent Rhone will announce to the masses that something devilishly special is in your grasp. Chambered in 9mm and tipped with a high visibility red fiber optic sight, the Belligerent Rhone screams that it is time to stop carrying meek, ugly pistols! – 9mm

    February – Sandrin 1911

    Mathematical art, the golden ratio and a seemingly divine series of numbers drive the design details of the Sandrin 1911.The famed Fibonacci sequence inspires five circular skeletonized elements on both the slide and trigger. Discovered in the thirteenth century by Leonardo of Pisa (better known as Fibonacci), it is a series of numbers that forms a sequence that appears recurrently in nature and other beautiful things. Fibonacci’s numerical pattern has fascinated mathematicians, scientists, and artists for centuries. Our February 2023 pistol is the fusion of this phenomenon embedded in both traditional and modern materials.  A stark contrast of elegantly finished stainless steel, carbon fiber and a glint of red for flare make this 1911 a modern classic. The Sandrin  1911 comes with a companion knife made by our friends and collaborative partner Sandrin Knives, a company which broke all the rules to make the world’s highest performing blades,which provided the inspiration for this 1911. A Sandrin Torino folding knife that features a state-of-the-art proprietary Tungsten Carbide blade, carbon fiber handle  to complement  the grips on the pistol, and a skeletonized pocket clip that also incorporates holes that follow the Fibonacci mathematical sequence. – 9mm

    March – Midnight Standard

    Folklore teases that a wish made at midnight will come true in a year. Some might wish for deliverance, as midnight in some circles is also known as the witching hour—that dark and hopeless time when cursed crones mutter their spells and evil lurks in the deepest shadows. The more practical might wish for Cabot’s March Gun of the Month: The Midnight Standard.

    Midnight transitions us from one day to the next. Midnight Standard is the result of Cabot’s magical hand-finishing techniques, which transform this 1911 from a mere tool to a spellbinding work of art. Light slithers along the slide and frame, yet the pistol’s black plasma diamond-like carbon coating seemingly absorbs it; only to reflect it into the night from small parts that shimmer with variegated iridescence. The Midnight Standard’s grips resemble a misty cauldron. Light barely penetrates the swirling surface, but that which escapes reveals an intricate pattern of undulating black and white veins.

    An amalgam of dark and light, of shadow and substance, of nothing, yet rich with enchanted color. Midnight Standard is not just another black gun. – 45ACP

    April – Hunt Club

    What is your Hunt Club?  Who is your collection of compadres who share your pursuits of the finer perfections of life?  Hunting, shooting, riding, cigars…theater….maybe?  The Hunt Club is that classic full-size custom pistol that you’ve always desired that exudes just a touch of envy from your Hunt Club.  But let’s face it, you can’t wait the 5 years or so it takes to get a custom gunsmith built 1911, so Cabot brought it to you for GOTM2023.  Finished ridiculously right with satin polished flats and a jet-black Diamond-Like-Carbon (DLC) treatment that enhances the custom detailing such as the Hunt Club Tartan pattern front strap, top slide, and main spring housing serrations.  This unmistakable custom pistol also sports an extended magwell and genuine diamond front sight.  Chambered in 45ACP…as any classic custom should be…. and saddled with hand-selected high-figured walnut grips.  Welcome to your Hunt Club! -45ACP

    May – The American Flair 1911

    We approached our May 2023 pistol with, ahem, daring flair. This month’s GotM Club team includes Master Engraver Lee Griffith for the third straight year. Never afraid to shoot for a technical breakthrough, we asked Lee to engrave a gun in reverse order! What does that even mean? We asked Lee if he could flip the entire process on its head and engrave American Flair after it was finished—in black, no less.

    It is a daring approach in which the engraver has zero room for error. Traditional engraving is performed on bare metal, then finished afterward. This process—let’s call it inverse engraving—requires long, graceful cuts made by hand, without one slip. Lee must roll the flare cuts, vary them by width at the perfect angles, and accomplish it all with unprecedented precision and with intense focus and patience. The result is a visually powerful pistol with intense contrasts that would not otherwise be possible. The attention to detail required for Lee to successfully complete these pistols by hand is akin to walking a tightrope.

    Americans are mavericks and the American Flair 1911 is our homage to those who welcome risk, knowing it is an essential ingredient for extraordinary results. The Government-size Cabot American Flair is built from premium stainless steel and chambered in .45 ACP.

    June – The Bedside Demon

    When things go bump in the night, you need to have the right tool to bump back.  The Bedside Demon is your perfect nightstand companion featuring a Stainless Damascus Steel slide with polished highs and DLC lows to highlight the pattern of the steel.  You can be assured that your gun is loaded via press check using the carry cuts on the front of the slide and the high vis red fiber optic front sight will aid in hitting your target every time.  The custom made Chatoyant Carbon Fiber grips offset the polished flats on the DLC coated frame, and the best part is your uninvited guests won’t know you are ready because your Bedside Demon comes with a custom book that has been made into a covert storage solution. – 9mm

    July – The Aristocrat

    No need to be of noble blood to appreciate the Aristocrat. This Cabot pistol with a full-length frame is absolutely the ruling class in a mass society of 1911’s. The full-length dust cover and magwell make this 45ACP pistol a large stable shooting platform and the satin polished stainless steel will be the center of attention whether at the range in your grip or nestled in its wooden cradle display on your credenza. The grips and cradle display are crafted from Ambrosia Maple harvested from the grounds of Cabot Guns itself and make for a stately display befitting only an Aristocrat. Fleur-de-li engraving on the chamber and the solid gold bead front sight adds the top hat on this uniquely stately limited edition Cabot pistol. -45ACP

    August – Icon Royale

    A regal vision of our Icon 1911 featuring minimalist design cues. Remove all that is not necessary and what you have left is a masterpiece.  While our August pistol is an engineered precision tool, the Icon Royale has been elevated for our 2023 GOTM Collection for high artistic value with the art of finishing.  Our prized Cabot blue and contrasting gold accents provide for stunning visual intensity. Suitable for a Monarch, enthusiast, or captain of industry, the Icon Royale is a unique pistol worthy of addition to the arsenal of any collector. Meticulously transformed entirely from block stainless steel, The Icon Royale embodies the past, present and future of 1911, all in one stunning gun. Each pistol is masterfully constructed and displays our stunning precision machining of components and the art of hand-finished details that imagination is the only limit possible. Chambered in .45 ACP and crafted in a Commander size format with front carry cuts the Icon Royale is a work one can carry. – 45ACP

    September – Apocalypse Deluxe

    A refined edition of our most popular 1911, Apocalypse! What happens when finesse meets function? Enter the Cabot Guns Apocalypse Deluxe, a pistol that sacrifices nothing in terms of either style—with the use of layered Damascus steel—or performance. The Apocalypse Deluxe is crafted from the ground up as a fighting handgun for the enthusiast who is unwilling to compromise. This Apocalypse has been supremely refined to the highest level. Front and rear angled cocking serrations further highlight the dazzling surfaces. Like a fingerprint, each slide’s pattern is unique. This GOTM limited edition Apocalypse Deluxe is optioned to include a threaded barrel, our Cabot best-in-class optic mount, and a best-in-class optic: the Trijicon SRO. Our September pistol has custom-profiled barrel hoods, along with countless hours of polish to accentuate the high element finish of the deeply-etched Damascus upper. The Black Ice Plasma DLC finish sets this gun apart as beautiful yet durable. The finest quality piano black ebony wood grips are meticulously checkered and contain a blacked-out Cabot medallion. Chambered in 9 mm and constructed in a carry size for EDC, this magnificent 1911 is a refined fighting pistol for the ages. – 9mm

    October – La Arabesque

    FEGA Master Engraver Otto Carter has imbued Cabot’s La Arabesque with a design that could’ve been wrought by the Hellenistic craftsmen who originated the style, known for its intertwined plants and abstract curvilinear motif. Yet, while beautiful to observe, La Arabesque is every micron a Cabot, built with precision and an eye for detail that includes the signature TriStar trigger, perfectly placed controls, and a gleaming gold dot front sight. Beyond the artistry of Carter’s work, the signature feature of La Arabesque is its grips, crafted from 12,000-year-old mammoth ivory. -45ACP

    November – The Hulk

    The Hulk will SMASH your expectations of a 1911 pistol.  This incredible custom Cabot pistol is a marvel of form and function and will undoubtedly turn your friends green with envy. The two-tone silver-on-black finish accentuates the superhero swooping serrations, but the Hulk’s mild manner persona ends there as the gamma green grips and genuine emerald front sight fly a bold banner alert to the muscle packed into this 45ACP government-sized 1911. Always there when you need it! Hulk SMASH!!

    December – Top Secret

    Intrigue and mystery will precede the final pistol of the collection.  We can tell you it will take an enormous amount of development to bring this to you and we can share that it involves a mechanical deviation from any past work and you can be assured it will be awesome but we’re not going to spill the beans.  We have never made anything like this before and it will be the start of another era for Cabot Guns.  Sit back and let us surprise and delight you for Christmas 2023.

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