NEW Zenitco-style ALPHA-1 AK Rail from BarWarus

    Fans of exotic AK builds, rejoice! BarWarus USA is bringing a Zenitco clone handguard and top rail to the US market. It is made in Turkey, so it can still be imported legally (unlike most/all Russian products).

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    NEW Zenitco-style ALPHA-1 AK Rail from BarWarus (2)

    The ALPHA-1 is a two-piece design. The top rail secures to the main handguard with eight set screws, just like the Zenitco original. It is compatible with most AK-pattern rifles, with the exception of guns with milled receivers.

    The ALPHA-1 is expected to hit the market in January 2023, and it can be ordered direct from BarWarus or Frontier Armory. The anticipated price for the handguard is $410 but it is available at a preorder price of $350. Hopefully, we will be able to take a closer look at SHOT Show in January.

    NEW Zenitco-style ALPHA-1 AK Rail from BarWarus (3)

    From the manufacturer:

    This is the ALPHA-1 Handguards set for the AK-family (Zenitco Style, designed and made for AK rifles. Consists of 2 parts in a kit. Pricing goes as well for the kit of 2 parts together (+ screws).

    The ALPHA handguards compatibility: AK 103, 104, 105, 74S, 74M, AKM, AKMS and rifles based on them. Not compatible with AK with milled receivers. Only stamped receivers.

    Color: black

    Upper Handguard description:

    Designed to be mounted together with the lower handguard rail with 8 screws + does not block the line of iron sight.

    Lower Handguard description:

    Picatinny rail on three sides. Allows to install additional equipment. Has a mini Basis rail on the bottom for installation of accessories compatible with Basis.

    Installation manual: included.

    Weight: 380gr together.

    Additional info: kit sells and ships only together, parts are not sold separately, unfortunately.

    Attention: handguards are in production. Pricing is reduced due to pre-orders option. After replenishing in-stock qty, discount would be eliminated.

    The ALPHA quadrail is made in eastern Europe.

    Release JAN 2023.

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