POTD: John Rigby & Co. – Double Rifle in .500 Nitro Express

    Double Rifle in .500 Nitro Express

    It’s Photo Of The Day o’clock, and we’re going to have a look at the excellent work done by this photographer and the beauty of this John Rigby & Co. Rising Bite double rifle in .500 Nitro Express. Did you know that they are the third-oldest gun making company in the world? Well, now you do!

    The .500 Nitro Express was primarily designed for use in double rifles, like here. I guess I’m not the only one thinking this looks like a shotgun rather than a rifle,

    Here’s the caption from the company:

    Another example of a Melissa Rigby limited edition Rigby Rising Bite double rifle is this .500NE which left the Rigby work benches back in April 2017. An enamel pin numbered ‘3 of 20’, created by the founding John Rigby’s great-great-great-granddaughter, Melissa is placed on the grip cap trap. Featuring a deluxe grade Turkish walnut stock, the rifle’s metal work is covered in colour case hardening and features engravings of a rhino on the left side of the action and elephant on the underside.

    Below you can see the rifle from the most important angles.

    The attention to details is amazing.

    Did you ever fire a .500 Nitro Express in your life? How was it?

    All photos by John Rigby & Co.