POTD: SK Bespoke Collection – The 500

    POTD: SK Bespoke Collection - The 500

    Photo Of The Day: We have some carefully taken pictures of “The 500” by FEGA Master Engraver Tom Harvey. A great gift for anyone into racing and firearms, priced at $18,894! Note the Indy 500 engravings and the custom black and white micarta checkered flag.

    Below: There’s just one of these Colt Government Model MK IV Series 70 1911, made in 1982.

    Master Engraver: Tom Harvey ​
    Precious Metals: 24kt Gold
    Grip Material: Handmade custom black and white micarta checkered flag hand inlayed
    Finish: French Grey, Nitre
    Magazine: Colt original
    Manufactured Year: 1982
    Serial Number: 70B27520
    Caliber: 45acp
    Barrel Length: 5”
    Condition: Excellent

    About the SK Bespoke Collection

    SK Bespoke collectibles are extremely rare, some of which come ready to sell in the same condition they left Colt’s factory in past decades. Others are works of art by Master Engravers either past or current. select Master Engraved Bespoke collectibles feature the most luxurious custom Walnut display case with glass dust cover. Enclosed in handpicked lumber by the actual craftsmen themselves, these cases are created as perfect match for each beautifully crafted collectible.

    Every item in our Bespoke collection is one-of-a-kind and once an item is sold, it will continue its next journey through history for years to come.

    Here are a few details of the engravings. FEGA Master Engravers are members who have had the quality of their work judged, by a process within the guild, to meet acceptable, guild-set standards.

    You can find more information here.