An Update on the GWACS/KE Arms Lawsuit – Trial Date Set

    An Update on the GWACS/KE Arms Lawsuit - Trial Date Set

    The GWACS Armory/KE Arms lawsuit saga is set to continue well into 2023. For those who are out of the loop, GWACS Armory is suing KE Arms on the grounds that the KP-15 lower receiver violates certain NDA and trade secrets. If you’re interested in reading what has happened so far with this firearms industry lawsuit, we’ve provided several links down below to articles that should give you a good overview of what has happened so far.

    More GWACS Armory/KE Arms Lawsuit News:

    An Update on the GWACS/KE Arms Lawsuit - Trial Date Set

    An Update on the GWACS/KE Arms Lawsuit – Trial Date Set

    Over the Thanksgiving break, several new developments have come to light with GWACS armory going as far as to request a gag order against the opposing council claiming that “confidential information” has been revealed to the public. This motion for a gag order has been flat-out denied. In addition, the trial, which was previously set to take place on the 19th of this year, has been continued to March 20th, 2023. While this further delays a resolution to this whole fiasco, it does give KE Arms more time to raise funds for their defense.

    Its time for a general status update on the defense against GWACS frivolous lawsuit against us related to the KP-15. Trial has been continued from 12-19-2022 to 3-20-2023. Trial will take place in Oklahoma. This delay gives us more time to raise funds through sales. It is estimated that expenses through trial will run in the $150,000 to $200,000 range.

    We are not asking for donations, nor will we accept them. If you want to help support us, please purchase our product directly from us or through Brownells. Ordering direct helps us more, but Brownells can ship faster than we can, and they will re-order from us as they sell product.

    This past week motions were filed relative to GWACS’ concealment of e-mails where they gave information to customers and the public that they now claim are trade secrets. Thank you to everyone who reached out and provided us with these email exchanges with GWACS. If anyone has more e-mails like this where GWACS tells you about material specs, manufacturing processes, future developments (or you suggested future features to them), please e-mail them to [email protected] We are still working through the back log of orders made in support of our defense against GWACS.

    Rekluse triggers have been resupplied. Barrels have arrived to build more WWSD uppers. DMR triggers have been restocked. Thank you for your support and patience as we continue through this process.

    As to what the goal of the attempted gag order from GWACS would accomplish is anyone’s guess. However, what we currently do know is that the plaintiff, in this case, is certainly well-funded and determined to remove KE Arms from the playing field when it comes to the proliferation of monolithic polymer lower receivers. KE Arms previously filed a motion for summary judgment on the matter but this request is still currently “in process.” We’ll continue to keep you updated here at TFB regarding any significant updates surrounding this trial but if you’re interested in keeping track of new developments as they happen, you can always check out the KE Arms Facebook page where regular updates are posted.

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