POTD: CZ Scorpion SBR by Holt Works Photography

    CZ Scorpion SBR

    Have you ever tried the CZ Scorpion EVO3? I have, and apart from the trigger, I liked it. This one has had its barrel chopped and it has the drop-in Timney Trigger. I’m pretty far away from this EVO3, but let me say I’m quite interested in trying it out. The Bushmaster stock does give it the look of an FN SCAR-SC in .300BLK, don’t you think?

    Here is the caption from Holt Works Photography, where you’ll get a lot of inspiration for your upgrades: 

    Absolutely love this mini micro scorpion SBR

    Factory 7.75” barrel chopped to 2”
    @hb_industries Micro/K handguard, Duckbill mag release, EVO3 thumb safety/delete levers and ProStock charging handle
    @bravocompanyusa stubby MLOK vert grip
    @holosunoptics red dot
    @reptiliacorp FDE DOT mount
    @scalarworks PEAK iron sights
    @surefire_llc M300 scout light with an @arisakadefense offset MLOK light mount
    @timney_triggers V2 Scorpion drop in trigger
    @yankee_hill_machine Nitro N20 suppressor

    @bushmasteracr ACR stock
    @magpulcore Scorpion grip from @midwestgunworks

    @defiantmunitions 115gr 9mm range ammo

    Images and captions by Holt Works Photography