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    Langdon Tactical have released a new Glock 19 grip extension called Grip Anchor. This accessory is installed into the grip cavity of G19 pistols extending the bottom rear portion of the grip which is advertised to provide a more consistent and reliable grip and better control of the gun, prevent debris from reaching the firing mechanism and prevent pinching when reloading, and help to guide the magazines into the magwell thanks to its beveled shape.

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    You are probably asking, why would one need to extend the length of a G19 grip instead of just going with a Glock pistol with a full-size grip (G17, G45, G19x)? According to Langdon Tactical, the Grip Anchor provides full-size shooting performance out of an easier-to-carry compact gun. The company published a video where Mitchell Booth, the codesigner of this product, explains the difference.

    The Langdon Tactical Grip Anchor is available in two versions designed for Glock 19 Gen3 pistols that don’t have interchangeable backstraps and Gen4/5 G19s that feature backstraps. In order to install the Grip Anchor on a Gen3 Glock 19, one must simply insert it into the grip cavity of the pistol and fix it in place with the included set screw through the lanyard hole. For backstrap-equipped generations of Glock 19 pistols, you must first remove the backstrap, insert the Grip Anchor into the grip cavity, reinstall the backstrap, and then install the set screw through the lanyard hole. The installation process is demonstrated in the video below.

    Langdon Tactical Grip anchor for Glock 19 Gen3 pistols has an MSRP of $28. The Gen4/5 version costs $29.

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