POTD: Every Day Carry by Bravo42 Photography

    POTD: Every Day Carry by Bravo42 Photography

    Good shoes take you to good places, and apart from underwear, are probably the most important part of any EDC, Every Day Carry.

    The right pair of shoes can do a lot. Make an impression, boost your confidence, protect your feet, get you through muddy situations, or even give you the little extra you need to win a race.

    The pistol is a Glock 19 with a Shield Sight, a great combination. If you have the space, I can highly recommend the latest Shield Sights RMSx Red Dot Sight, although it’s probably better for competition than carry.

    I should know what the name of the knife is since I own two. However, I can’t remember the brand or model name, but I’m sure someone is going to let me know in the comments (please!)

    The shoes are from Cole Haan. Not that we do a lot of recommendations about footwear, but they look rather comfortable and fashionable.

    This is the second photo from Bravo42 Photography we’re running, and his Kalashnikov USA KP9 was very popular. If you missed it, make sure you check it out here.

    You can find Bravo42 Photography on Instagram @bravo42.photography and this is their website: www.bravo42photography.com