Vortakt Barrel Works Invests $1.5 Million Toward Manufacturing Facility Improvement Plan

    Vortakt Barrel Works

    Vortakt Barrel Works Invests $1.5 Million Toward Manufacturing Facility Improvement Plan

    Maybe it’s my inner nerd acting up, but I find this seemingly bland press release about barrel manufacturing intriguing. The world of barrel makers is small, with only a handful of companies producing barrels for most of the well-known firearms manufacturers. Years ago I had the opportunity to tour Colt’s facilities in Hartford, Connecticut – watching the massive machines cut rifling and profile barrels was like looking back in time to the birth of the industrial age. Vortakt Barrel Works is investing $1.5M in automation processes to boost production efficiency.

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    While the process of manufacturing barrels probably hasn’t changed much since the invention of rifled bores, the methods of machining barrels with increased precision, volume, and efficiency has progressed significantly with the use of advanced technologies. Check out the press release below for additional information.

    Vortakt Barrel Works Invests $1.5 Million Toward Manufacturing Facility Improvement Plan

    Menomonee Falls, WI (December 6, 2022) – Vortakt Barrel Works® continues to expand upon its 16,500 square-foot Wisconsin production facility as part of its ongoing effort to serve as a world-class OEM barrel supplier for rifle, pistol, and shotgun manufacturers. Chad Weister, Managing Director of Vortakt Barrel Works had the following to say regarding these latest developments:

    “We’re expanding our in-house production capabilities by automating processes that were formerly manually executed. This helps us expand our product offering, allows for more repeatable processes, and improves consistency in our finished barrels.”

    Vortakt’s Facility Improvement Plan includes a revised shop layout involving the reorganization of numerous CNC machining cells, the addition of a Gorbel crane system designed to support large-volume government barrel contracts, a 50-ton air conditioning system enabling unprecedented climate control capabilities, the creation of a 5,000 square-foot warehouse space designed to accommodate Vortakt’s new QuickShip inventory fulfillment program, and the addition of a new break and recreation space.

    To learn more about the Vortakt Barrel Works facility, production capabilities, and manufacturing team, visit www.vortakt.com.

    About Vortakt Barrel Works

    Vortakt is the premier supplier of world-class rifle, pistol, and shotgun barrels built exclusively for firearm OEMs. Each barrel is manufactured to custom specifications and engineered to Vortakt’s own high-quality standards, ensuring consistent delivery at volume pricing.


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