Strasser RS 700: Remington 700 Parts Compatible Straight-Pull Rifle

    Austrian Strasser is known for making state-of-the-art straight-pull bolt action hunting rifles. One drawback of purchasing rifles like those made by Strasser is that they have limited aftermarket support as most if not all parts are proprietary. Well, that’s not an issue anymore with the newly released Strasser RS 700 series of rifles that combine the company’s straight-pull action with a high level of compatibility with the ever-popular Remington 700 including the bedding footprint, recoil lugs, barrels, and triggers.

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    Strasser RS 700 (7)

    Strasser RS 700 Legend

    The Rebirth of a LEGEND

    The STRASSER RS 700, the latest development from STRASSER, is the latest innovation and revolution in straight pull repeaters.

    Combine STRASSER’s “Passionate Innovation” with the Remington** 700 design and the result is the world’s first STRASSER 700 straight-pull-action, the RS 700.

    Strasser RS 700 (6)

    Strasser RS 700 AVA-Tahr

    Strasser RS 700 series of rifles are available in three configurations: Legend, AVA-Tahr and XRS Chassis. The Strasser RS 700 Legend is fed from three-round flush-fit magazines and comes with an oil-finished walnut stock that has an M-LOK insert in the forearm. The RS 700 AVA-Tahr is also fed from 3-round mags but has a synthetic stock available in Graphite Black or Forest Green colors that features a push-button adjustable cheekpiece and an M-LOK rail integrated into the forearm. The RS 700 XRS Chassis rifle comes with an MDT XRS chassis and a 5-round AICS magazine.

    Strasser RS 700 (8)

    Strasser RS 700 XRS Chassis

    Strasser RS 700 rifles are available chambered in 6.5×47 Lapua, 6.5 Creedmoor, 6.5 PRC and .308 Winchester. These rifles can be equipped with 22″, 24″ or 26″ barrels of three different profiles with M14x1, M15x1 and M18x1 muzzle thread pitches. Depending on the caliber, barrel length and profile as well as the stock choice, the overall weight of the RS 700 rifles varies from 3.4 kg to 4.8 kg (7.5 lbs to 10.6 lbs). The overall length with a 22″ barrel is 41 3/4″ (106mm). Strasser RS 700 rifles also feature Timney Elite Hunter triggers with a 2.5 lb pull weight and two-position safety, two-piece scope mounts, and bolt handles and bolt catches that can be configured for right or left-hand use. The MSRP of all versions of RS 700 rifles in Europe is €3,302.

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