B&T SPC9

    TFB’s Photo Of The Day and here we are with one of the hottest pistol caliber carbines on the market, the B&T SPC9. Merging the best from the AR15 platform with the best from the H&K MP5 and the B&T APC9 together in one product, it’s probably as good as it gets for now. Until the suppressor was added, to increase the attraction further.

    Here is the description, written by Schrombo:

    Meet the Brügger & Thomet APC9 that wanted to be an AR15…
    This beauty is so much fun to shoot and puts a smile on the face of everybody that gets to fondle it for a while – the BT SPC9. Taking all the good things about the APC9 and combine it with the ergonomics of an AR15…
    It features an MP5 style charging handle plus an AR15 charging handle, an AR15 style lower receiver that actually takes AR15 parts, a PDW style collapsible stock and the hydraulic buffer of the APC9 that makes shooting this gun so pleasant.
    It is available in a version that accepts Glock mags, but I went for the version that uses the proprietary TP9 / APC9 mags, because my wife likes to shoot the TP9 and so we can use the same magazines. Pictured here is the 20rd magazine, but I have a ton of 30rd mags as well.
    But it wouldn’t be my gun, if I didn’t customize it at least a little bit. The factory pistol grip had to go and I installed a rubberized Magpul grip with a steeper grip angle that is more suitable for such a compact PDW. The factory Aimpoint mount was fine, but looked rather blocky, so I exchanged it for this LaRue QD mount. But my main gripe were the rather flimsy polymer backup sights. Due to their construction they could not be mounted at the front of the handguard or they would have blocked the MP5 charging handle. So if you look at promo pictures from B&T you’ll see that they mounted the front sight at the front of the upper receiver not at the front of the handguard, what makes for a pretty lousy sight radius. I choose steel sight from ERA-TAC that clear the charging handle when mounted and offer a much better sight picture.
    As a vertical foregrip I went with a B&T short QD grip that fits perfectly and makes handling this gun a dream!
    The barrel has a tri-lug interface and so I can use my trusted B&T MP5 QD suppressor to make this little fire breather very, very silent

    Caption and picture by Schrombo