Bond Arms Releases New Rawhide & Stinger 22LR Handguns

    Bond Arms Releases New Rawhide & Stinger 22LR Handguns

    Bond Arms is one of the most well-known names when it comes to Derringer-style handguns. Just a few months ago we reviewed one of their lower-cost Roughneck style derringers that features an interchangeable barrel making it easy to swap between 9mm and 357magnum barrels and chambers. Today Bond Arms has just announced the introduction of two new rimfire variants of their handguns with the release of the Stinger and Rawhide 22LR pistols. Similar to the Roughneck series, these new miniature hand cannons feature the rough series stainless steel finish, polymer grips, and a more affordable price point than some of the more premium options from Bond Arms.

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    Meet the new Stinger RS and Rawhide 22LR Handguns from Bond Arms

    Bond Arms Releases New Rawhide & Stinger 22LR Handguns

    The Rawhide .22LR

    The new .22LR Rawhide is fantastic for plinking and economical practice at the range. Bond Arms’ rimfire handguns are chambered in a classic American cartridge. Shooting is perfect as a camp & ranch handgun or a simple, enjoyable handgun with light recoil and report. The .22LR is big on fun and easy on the wallet.

    Made after its namesake, the Rawhide .22LR pistol by Bond Arms is as tough as leather and made for the range. Perfectly at home as an everyday carry handgun or varmint control at camp and the ranch. Bond Arms’ Rawhide .22LR is a classic firearm destined to become a family heirloom.

    The rough and tumble-finished steel is durable and handsome, making the .22LR Rawhide handgun tastefully rugged. The double barrel design fits right in hand, while the precision action and trigger are a blast to shoot.

    The Rawhide .22LR features a 2 1/2″ barrel, rebounding hammer, retracting firing pins, a cross bolt safety, and nylon panel grips, and like other Bond Arms firearms, can have its barrel swapped out with the simple removal of just one bolt. The Rawhide .22LR will cost $269 and is chambered specifically for .22LR.

    The Stinger .22LR

    Bond Arms Releases New Rawhide & Stinger 22LR Handguns

    Weighing in at a mere sixteen ounces in overall weight, Bond Arms tools the Stinger RS .22LR with the same fit and finish they are famous for in their centerfire handgun lineup. Holstered for everyday carry, packed in a saddlebag on the ranch, or at home as a backup truck gun, the .22LR Stinger is as versatile as duct tape or baling wire and as handy as a pair of pliers.

    The rough and tumble-finished steel is rugged and durable, making the .22LR Stinger RS handgun both functional and handsome. The double barrel design fits easily in hand, while the precision action and trigger are a delight to shoot.

    The Stinger .22LR will feature a slightly longer 3-inch rough series barrel, and a glove-friendly trigger guard, but will share the remainder of its features with the Rawhide .22LR. The Stinger RS .22LR will also cost the same amount at $269.

    For more information on the new Rawhide and Stinger handguns from Bond Arms, you can visit their website at or you can reach out to them directly on Facebook here.

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