Concealed Carry Corner: Carrying As A Couple

    Concealed Carry Corner: Carrying As A Couple

    Welcome back to another episode of Concealed Carry Corner. Last week we talked about what and what not to carry every day. If you guys missed it, be sure to head over and check that article out here. For most guys out there it’s a goal to get their spouse into shooting so it can be an activity for both to enjoy. That’s easier said than done in most cases but with a little practice and confidence boosting, it’s more than possible to be a couple who actively trains and concealed carries. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of carrying as a couple.

    Concealed Carry Corner: Carrying As A Couple

    Two Is Better Than One

    When it comes to spouses carrying a concealed firearm, I’ve heard arguments go both ways for different reasons. Some say they don’t want their spouse putting themselves in danger to confront a potential attacker or active shooter situation. I can respect that idea and as a man, I can agree it’s important during an attack to protect your loved ones as a priority. What some fail to realize is the idea of safety in numbers. Having two people armed in a situation drastically improves your chances of being successful with another armed individual.

    Now don’t get me wrong, that person doesn’t need to be the female version of John Wick, but having another armed person backing you up as you get away from a dangerous situation gives you a much better chance of making it than if you were by yourself. The idea of safety in numbers has always been true and this idea is no different. Having your spouse with you with a concealed firearm gives you more confidence knowing someone has your back if a situation arises. It’s always good to have friends and a spouse who understands the importance of self-defense and the ability to defend yourself.

    Firearm and Training Choices

    One of the biggest mistakes I see most guys make when it comes to helping their wives is picking out a carry gun that’s best for their wife or significant other. For most of us, we either researched or went to a local range to test fire guns before purchasing our first carry gun. It takes time to find the right gun for you and it’s no different for your spouse. One of the big keys to having your spouse get interested in shooting and carrying a concealed firearm is to let them walk their own path. Falling into the classic trap of buying your significant other a snub nose revolver and pushing them to carry will typically motivate them less because they feel pressured to carry a firearm to make you happy.

    If you can motivate and encourage them to make the choices themselves, the probability they are genuinely interested in the sport rather than feeling it forced on them will go up dramatically. There are countless organizations and women-only leagues where females can go train in shooting as well as concealed carry specific training where they are taught by other experienced women who shoot on a regular basis. Other companies like Ballistic B.O.S offer a specific training program for women shooters who are either starting out or even experienced shooters. Having your significant other go through programs like these lets them work through it on their own time without the pressure of letting their husband down. It’s something to keep in mind as another option rather than dragging your spouse to the range if they don’t want to go.

    Being A Team

    There’s no question, having your spouse train and become proficient can be rather difficult and it doesn’t always work out like you’d like. Shooting a firearm from scratch can be rather intimidating but once women start training and shooting regularly, they are often times more proficient as well as accurate with practice. It blows most guys’ minds when they see a girl who actively trains shoot at the range because they typically are incredibly skilled. Now imagine having an incredibly skilled carry partner throughout your life who will be someone you can count on if something goes horribly wrong and you have to protect yourself.

    Some of the people with the strongest marriages I’ve seen have both members of the marriage working together for a single goal and there are plenty of couples who both conceal carry. I fully understand some people don’t want their wives in the line of fire or to put themselves in danger. The reality of this is the fact women are incredibly focused and can be some of the best shooters in competition with enough practice and training. Being a team and having each other’s backs not only makes you safer but also gives both of you more confidence in a stressful situation.

    Overall Thoughts

    Some of you may scoff at the idea of having your wife or significant other start carrying a concealed firearm. Not only does it make you both safer by backing each other up but it gets more people involved in the shooting world and empowers them to be their own protectors. It doesn’t always work out and some people aren’t always interested but given enough time and training, most women will at least become more confident with firearms.

    I’m extremely curious about what your thoughts are about having your significant other carry a gun when you guys go out in public. Do you think it’s the man’s responsibility to carry the firearm or is it better to both be armed and train regularly together? Let me know what your thoughts are down in the comment section below. If you have questions about carrying concealed or firearms in general, feel free to shoot me a message on Instagram @fridgeoperator. Stay safe out there and we will see you back here next week for another episode of Concealed Carry Corner.

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