Built Like A Tank: Steyr Monobloc ARMAD Rifle

    Built Like A Tank Steyr Monobloc ARMAD Rifle (1)

    Steyr Arms introduced their Monobloc series of bolt action rifles back in October of 2018. The main feature that sets this family of rifles apart from the competition is the design of the barrel and receiver which are one-piece, machined together from a single steel bar. The company has recently announced a limited edition version of the Monobloc rifle called ARMAD that features a barrel/receiver made of a steel (32CrMoV12-10, presumably theĀ Aubert & Duval ARMAD steel) that is used for making the barrels of Leopard 2 A7 main battle tank guns. In other words, the Steyr Monobloc ARMAD rifle is literally built like a tank!

    Steyr Arms @ TFB:

    Built Like A Tank Steyr Monobloc ARMAD Rifle (2)

    Steyr Monobloc ARMAD rifle with wooden furniture

    The high purity of barrel steel used in this strictly limited special edition, together with the micrographic structure, ensures an even harder and longer lasting barrel with maximum temperature resistance.

    Built Like A Tank Steyr Monobloc ARMAD Rifle (3)

    Steyr Monobloc ARMAD rifle in the synthetic stock version

    The Steyr Monobloc ARMAD rifle will be made in the quantity of 70 rifles and chambered in .270 Winchester only. The rifle will be available with wooden or synthetic furniture. If the rest of the specs are identical to that of a regular Steyr Monobloc rifle chambered in .270 Win, then the barrel length is 20″ (508mm), the overall length is 40.3″ (1025mm) and the overall weight is 7lbs 15oz (3.6kg). The capacity of the detachable box magazine is 4 rounds. The stocks feature aluminum bedding blocks and leather inlays in the grip, forearm and cheekpiece.

    Built Like A Tank Steyr Monobloc ARMAD Rifle (1)

    Cutaway of the Steyr Monobloc rifle. Note that the barrel and receiver are one-piece.

    As of writing this article, no price information is published by the manufacturer.

    Pictures by Steyr Arms, www.steyr-arms.com

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