TFB Weekly Web Deals 31: Dedicated .223/5.56 Riflescopes

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    The venerable .223 Remington cartridge is considered by many to be the most popular and common in-use cartridge across the United States for rifles. The intermediate cartridge was designed in 1962, received SAAMI certification in 1963, and was eventually developed into the 5.56×45 NATO cartridge in the 1980s as SS109 or M855. Whether you use .223/5.56 as your go-to cartridge in an all-around peace-of-mind firearm or you a dedicated pest control or traditional hunter, having accurate shot placement is made a lot easier with dedicated optics that take the guesswork out of your holdover. Today for TFB Weekly Web Deals 31, we’ll be taking a look at some fresh fall deals on optics specifically designed around the .223 Remington cartridge.

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    TFB Weekly Web Deals 31: Dedicated .223/5.56 Riflescopes

    Trijicon ACOG 3.5×35 .223 – TA11F

    List Price: $1,653.00

    Sale Price: $1,080.25

    The TA11F has been my go-to .223 riflescope for a long time because it just works. The BDC is accurate and specifically calibrated for the .223 cartridge. The TA11F is available with both a red and green chevron and has one of the best eye reliefs in the business as well as one of the more forgiving eye boxes for a magnified riflescope. If you’re looking for a dead-nuts reliable optic and don’t want to mess with variable magnification, the TA11F is a solid buy.

    Side Note: ACOG BDCs are calibrated for very specific ammunition types, and barrel lengths. ACOGs are plenty accurate within reasonable distances on man-sized targets. Inside reasonable distances, they’ll all work interchangeably, unless you’re expecting absolute precision at a longer range (in which case, no ACOG is the appropriate choice).

    TFB Weekly Web Deals 31: Dedicated .223 Riflescopes

    TFB Weekly Web Deals 31: Dedicated .223/5.56 Riflescopes

    Pick up a Trijicon TA11F ACOG 3.5X35 .223 BDC riflescope for $1,080.25 from

    EOTECH Vudu 1-6×24 FFP Precision Rifle Scope – SR3 MOA Reticle

    List Price: $1,399.00

    Sale Price: $1,299.00

    This is an optic that feels at home on the AR platform or on a bolt action rifle. The EOTECH Speed Ring reticle allows for fast target engagement at low power, but at higher power provides the resolution and accuracy required to tackle longer shots. The Vudu 1-6X is the perfect solution for short- to medium-range applications.

    The SR3 incorporates the iconic EOTECH illuminated speed ring along with a BDC inner reticle calibrated for the 5.56 mm (75gr. BTHP) out to 600 yards. The first focal plane design allows for lightning fast target acquisition using the speed ring at the lower power settings. When the magnification setting is dialed up, the speed ring disappears from view and the inner BDC comes into view for more precision on longer-range shots.

    TFB Weekly Web Deals 31: Dedicated .223 Riflescopes

    TFB Weekly Web Deals 31: Dedicated .223 Riflescopes

    Pick up the EOTech Vudu 1-6×24 FFP Precision Rifle Scope with SR3 MOA Reticle for $1,299.00 from Primary Arms

    Crimson Trace Hardline 3-9×40 BDC-Carbine

    List Price: $259.99

    Sale Price: $179.97

    The Crimson Trace Hardline optics are designed with the tactical and target shooter in mind and have been purposefully built from the ground up. The line features aerospace grade 1” and 30mm tubes that are designed to handle abuse. The line offers generous eye relief to get back on target quickly. They are fully multi-coated, nitrogen purged, waterproof, and ready for whatever elements they encounter. All Crimson Trace® scopes are covered under the LIFETIME protection guaranteed warranty and backed by our award-winning customer service team.

    Pick up the Crimson Trace Hardline 3-9×40 BDC-Carbine Riflescope for $179.97 from Sportsman’s 

    Vortex Optics Strike Eagle 1-8×24 Rifle Scope – AR-BDC3 Illuminated Reticle

    Price: $499.99 with $175 in Store Credit after Purchase

    The Vortex Strike Eagle 1-8×24, with a true one-power on the low end of its zoom range provides quick target acquisition in close quarters scenarios. Need to engage targets at distance? Crank it up to 8x and let it rip. Built from a single piece of aircraft grade aluminum, creating a tough foundation for this optic, it is O-ring sealed and nitrogen gas purged for waterproof, fogproof reliability.

    The Vortex Optics AR-BDC3 illuminated reticle is specifically calibrated for 5.56/.223 loads using between 55 and 77-grain boat tail projectiles with muzzle velocities ranging from 2700 to 3000 fps. The reticle consists of a red illuminated segmented horseshoe with holdovers marked in yards. Great for hunting and 3-gun style shooting competitions.

    TFB Weekly Web Deals 31: Dedicated .223/5.56 Riflescopes

    TFB Weekly Web Deals 31: Dedicated .223/5.56 Riflescopes

    Pick up the Vortex Strike Eagle 1-8x24mm Riflescope with AR-BDC3 Illuminated reticle for $499.99 with $175 store credit from Primary Arms

    Bushnell 1-4X24 AR Optics Riflescope

    Price: $149.99

    The feature-packed AR Optics 1-4×24 gives you the features you need to outfit your AR with a capable and fast-deploying optic.

    Available in the second focal plane (SFP) Drop Zone-223 with holds out to 600 yards.

    Exposed turrets allow you to dial for windage and elevation adjustments quickly and accurately, and the Throw Down PCL makes magnification changes almost instant. The IPX7 waterproof rating and fully multi-coated optics make this an outstanding value, and its compact size make it perfect use with offset irons or red dot sight.

    • Fully Multi Coated – Multiple layers of anti-reflective coating on all air-to-glass surfaces deliver bright, high-contrast images.
    • Clarity – Fully-Multi Coated Optics deliver crisp images in every lighting condition.
    • Features a Throw Down PCL power change lever that you can set to two different heights, making these scopes as customizable as the rifles you mount them on.
    • Bushnell Lifetime Ironclad Warranty. The Ironclad Warranty is a full lifetime warranty that covers the lifetime of this Product – requires no registration and is fully transferable.
    TFB Weekly Web Deals 31: Dedicated .223/5.56 Riflescopes

    TFB Weekly Web Deals 31: Dedicated .223/5.56 Riflescopes

    Pick up the Bushnell 1-4×24 AR Optics Riflescope with the Second Focal Plane Drop Zone-223 reticle for $149.99 from Bushnell. 

    That’s all the guns and gear we’ve got for you this week, folks. Let us know if you’ve found any great deals on firearms, parts, or accessories in the comments below. As always, thanks for stopping by to read TFB and we’ll see you all again next week!

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