POTD: Special Reconnaissance Squad – German Bundeswehr

Eric B
by Eric B

In case you have been longing for some Heckler & Koch content in our Photo Of The Day, the wait is over! Above you can clearly see the Heckler & Koch G36s in the hands of a German Bundeswehr Special Reconnaissance Squad soldiers. In order to remain undetected, whenever possible, only hand signals are used to communicate within the squad. I’m sure they would like some suppressors as well.

Below: A photo of a soldier taking a photo. According to the information, they also have the equipment to capture images of targets during the day and at night.

Below: The observation hideout is the main workstation for the Recon Scouts. It offers space for three soldiers. Make sure you see the Heckler & Koch MP5 in the picture. It looks like the MP5 SD, doesn’t it?

Traveling by water, off-grip is part of the process in some missions.

Please check back tomorrow for another set of cool images.

Photo and information: German Bundeswehr, photos by Christian Vierfuss and Jana Neumann.
Eric B
Eric B

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