Russian ORSIS 12.7 Bolt Action Rifle

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    Russian Promtechnologies Group (ORSIS) have released their first .50 caliber bolt action rifle called ORSIS 12.7. The new rifle is offered chambered in either 12.7x108mm or 12.7x99mm (.50 BMG) and is marketed as a precision firearm capable of sub-MOA accuracy with an effective range of up to two kilometers. This rifle was first introduced during the ARMY 2022 exhibition held in August of the current year in Russia.

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    ORSIS is known for their capability of manufacturing high-precision cut-rifled barrels for their firearms. The ORSIS 12.7 rifle is also equipped with an in-house made 762 mm (30″) long stainless steel cut-rifled fluted barrel that comes standard with a 1:15″ twist rate but custom twist rates are available optionally. The barrel also comes with a large 5-chamber muzzle brake installed which is advertised to reduce the felt recoil by 50%.

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    The receiver of the ORSIS 12.7 bolt action rifle is also made of stainless steel and is fitted with a top Picatinny rail. The bolt has three locking lugs. The folding stock has an adjustable length of pull and cheekpiece height. The trigger pull weight is also adjustable. The ORSIS 12.7 rifle is fed from five-round detachable box magazines and has a paddle-style magazine release lever. The overall length of the rifle with the stock folded and deployed is 1222mm (48″) and 1490mm (59″) respectively. The overall weight is 12.4kg or 27lbs 5oz (without a scope, with an empty magazine). The ORSIS 12.7 rifles are Cerakoted with Black Graphite, Sniper Grey, Desert Sand, OD Green, and Tungsten Cerakote color options. All the specifications are identical for both chambering options.

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