The New Böker Plus Shovel M1874

    The New Böker Plus Shovel M1874

    Here at TFB, we try to cover a broad range of subjects, from all sorts of firearms to other interesting gear we might be in need of. Böker Plus now has a shovel M1874, a remake of the first German field shovel, which should be a perfect tool in any (bug out) vehicle or cabin. According to Böker, the M1874 can be used for digging (obviously!), as well as splitting firewood, cutting paths in the undergrowth and as a makeshift crowbar. If you have a canoe, the shovel could also be used as an emergency paddle. I can almost hear the banjos playing already.

    Böker Knives at TFB:

    The New Böker Plus Shovel M1874

    The Boker Plus Shovel M1874 in action.

    The price for the M1874 shovel is $87.45 (US) or 69,95 (EU), plus tax and shipping costs. If you pan for gold, the shovel should pay itself in no time.

    Here is the Böker Plus shovel described in their own words:

    New product range: The Boker Plus Shovel M1874 is an old-style field or short spade which is by far the most versatile outdoor tool after a knife. It splits firewood, cuts down trees, cuts a path through the undergrowth, pushes the campfire together, is a climbing aid on steep slopes, a makeshift crowbar, an emergency paddle and a knife. Compared to the folding spades in use today, it is considerably more robust, which is required for the uses listed above.

    For our Boker Plus Shovel M1874, we have decided on the consistent implementation of the original design of the first German field spade, which was introduced in 1874 by imperial decree under the designation of portable entrenching equipment for infantry and hunter battalions. The two-part construction of blade and spring made of a tough stainless steel is connected with five strong studs, additionally secured with a 40 mm wide steel ferrule and encloses the unbreakable ashwood handle up to half of its length. This old design is complex and cost-intensive to manufacture because two punching and bending tools have to be made and considerably more work steps are required for assembly. However, it is rewarded with unrivalled stability. The M1874 field spade was in use in both world wars. The Boker Plus Shovel M1874 is a perfect equipment for all bushcrafters, off-road drivers, collectors of military equipment and reenactors.

    If you’re interested here’s how to learn more and order one:

    Boker Plus Shovel, Item No. 09BO500

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