SIG Custom Works Introduces the P320AXG Combat

    SIG Custom Works is Proud to Introduce the P320AXG Combat

    P320AXG Combat (SIG SAUER)

    SIG Sauer have announced the introduction of the P320AXG Combat from SIG Custom Works. The latest variant of the P320 line comes with a threaded 4.6-inch barrel, an optics-ready stainless steel slide and X-RAY3 day/night suppressor height sights. The two-tone P320AXG Combat weighs in at 34.7 oz and combines a hard coat anodized Flat Dark Earth frame with a black Nitron finish slide in a nod back to the P226 Combat. The pistol ships in an exclusive Custom Works case with three 21-round magazines.

    SIG Custom Works @ TFB:


    SIG Custom Works is Proud to Introduce the P320AXG Combat

    P320AXG Combat with 21 round mags, challenge coin in an exclusive Custom Works case (SIG SAUER)

    Here’s what SIG Sauer have to say about the P320AXG Combat:

    SIG Custom Works is Proud to Introduce the P320AXG-Combat

    The P320AXG-Combat brings the classic FDE and Nitron two-tone appearance popularized by the original P226 Combat. This unique pistol is equipped with an optic-ready Nitron slide, FDE anodized AXG grip module, threaded barrel, and suppressor height XRAY3 night sights, and ships with three 21rd magazines.

    Each of these limited edition, P320AXG-Combat pistols includes a Custom Works engraved slide and is delivered in an exclusive Custom Works case with Custom Works challenge coin and certified custom certificate.

    SIG Sauer have released a video introducing the new pistol:

    Specs for the new P320AXG-Combat:

    • Sights – X-RAY3 Day/Night Suppressor Height Sights
    • OVERALL Length – 8.1 in [206 mm]
    • OVERALL Width – 1.6 in [41 mm]
    • Height – 6.5 in [165 mm]
    • BARREL Length – 4.6 in [117 mm]
    • Weight – 34.7 oz [984 g]
    • SIGHT Radius – 5.8 in [147 mm]
    • TRIGGER TYPE – Skeletonized Flat Trigger
    • GRIP Module – Carry AXG
    • GRIP Color – Flat Dark Earth
    • BARREL Material – Carbon Steel
    • FRAME FINISH – Hard Coat Anodized
    • FRAME MATERIAL – Stainless Steel
    • FCU MATERIAL – Stainless Steel
    • SLIDE Finish – Nitron
    • SLIDE MATERIAL – Stainless Steel
    • MANUAL Safety – NO

    Right side: P320AXG Combat (SIG SAUER)

    Find out more about the P320AXG-Combat here.

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