Meridian Defense Corporation 7 Sins AK Series: The 4th Sin – SLOTH

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    Special Projects Division of Meridian Defense Corporation has unveiled the fourth rifle in the 7 Sins series of limited edition custom AKs – the SLOTH. This is a Khyber Pass-themed rifle, that’s why it’s built with a combination of parts borrowed from various AKs, particularly, a Romanian “dong” lower handguard and an AKS-74 triangle side folder stock are used. Don’t be lazy, read on to learn about other specs and features of this rifle.

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    The “Khyber Pass” AK-Style rifle is composed of a mix of parts from random AK rifles and is usually referred to as a “Khyber Pass because, like Khyber guns, they are unlike any rifle produced by a factory or issued by a regular military force.The Khyber Pass gunsmiths first acquired examples of the various British service arms during nineteenth-century British military expeditions in the North-West-Frontier, which they used to make copies. Khyber Pass AK models were made famous through their use by Guerrilla fighters against the Soviets army during the Soviet-Afghan war in the 1980s.

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    Meridian Defense Corporation SLOTH rifle is chambered in 7.62x39mm and has a 16″ American-made 4150 CMV barrel. The rifle is built with a Romanian military parts kit on an MDC stamped AKM receiver. The wood furniture is refinished with MDC’s Red Oak stain and the rifle itself has a Midnight Black Cerakote finish. The SLOTH rifle comes standard with a slant brake, side scope rail, bakelite pistol grip, US-made trigger, one 30-round steel magazine and a bayonet.

    The standard configuration of the Meridian Defense Corporation SLOTH rifle costs $2,149. For an additional cost, the standard trigger can be replaced with a tuned and polished ALG trigger ($115), an MDC BD2-AK muzzle brake can be installed instead of the slant brake ($40) and those living in restrictive states can order a California-compliant version of the rifle fitted with a fixed stock and shipped with a CompMag ($60). The SLOTH rifle will be available for order on October 31st – on Halloween!

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