Former NATO Afghanistan Commander General Scott Miller Joins SIG SAUER

    Former NATO Afghanistan Commander General Scott Miller Joins SIG SAUER

    Gen. Austin S. Miller, Resolute Support Mission commander, visits 6th Battalion, Task Force Shadow, 101st Combat Aviation Brigade, 101st Airborne Division ( Air Assault), at Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan Dec.24, 2018. (Sgt. Steven Lopez)

    US Army and JSOC veteran General Austin Scott Miller (ret.) is set to join SIG Sauer as an advisor. Miller, a former Delta operator and veteran of Mogadishu, Iraq and Afghanistan, will likely be working to support SIG Sauer’s efforts to secure further military contracts.

    SIG Sauer @ TFB:

    Interestingly, during his time as Commander of US and NATO forces in Afghanistan, Miller was seen carrying a modified Glock in Afghanistan and had previously been seen sporting a 1911 in the field. While SIG Sauer have most recently been awarded contracts to provide sidearms to both Canada and Australia their most recent success with the US military was the award of a 5-year, indefinite delivery, indefinite quantity contract valued at $5 million to provide United States Special Operations Command with a new Reduced Signature Assault Rifle.

    Here’s SIG Sauer’s announcement in full:

    SIG SAUER is pleased to announce former JSOC Commander General (Scott) Miller has joined SIG SAUER as Defense Advisor.

    General Miller served in the United States Army and most recently served as the commander of NATO’s Resolute Support Mission and U.S. Forces in Afghanistan.  Prior to this, he was the commander of the Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC), in addition to participating in numerous combat operations including the Battle of Mogadishu and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    “General Miller is an exceptional addition to our team and comes at one of the most exciting times for our company as we begin the historic process of fielding the Next Generation Squad Weapons with the U.S. Army,” said Ron Cohen, President, and CEO, SIG SAUER, Inc.  “General Miller knows the complexities of the battlefield, what’s necessary to achieve overmatch, and most importantly how to succeed.  His experience in close-quarters combat combined with his proven leadership ability will be invaluable to us.”

    General Miller is a graduate of the United States Military Academy and was commissioned as an infantry officer in the U.S. Army.  After completing Ranger school, he was assigned to a platoon in 3rd Battalion, 325th Infantry (Airborne), 82nd Airborne Division.  After multiple assignments, he completed the Delta selection course and was assigned to the Delta Special Operations Detachment (1st SFOD-D) at Fort Bragg, North Carolina.  Miller continued to hold prestigious leadership positions in special operations commands throughout his career with the U.S. Army and retiring as a decorated four-star General.

    “It is an honor to join the team at SIG SAUER.  While I served on active duty I’ve always been a proponent of ensuring that our service members had the right lethal capabilities available to them in order to safeguard our national interests, and I note the relentless focus from the SIG SAUER team in ensuring their requirements are met,” added Miller.

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