Improved Magnet Delayed Blowback Recoil System for AR PCCs by TACCOM

    Improved TACCOM Magnet Delayed Blowback Recoil System for AR PCCs (1)

    In 2019, TACCOM introduced a delayed blowback recoil system for 9mm AR-style pistol caliber carbines that utilizes neodymium magnets for delaying the bolt. Fast forward three years and the company has a new and improved version of this magnet delayed blowback recoil system. Let’s take a closer look.


    The TACCOM Delayed blowback recoil system is unlike any other recoil system on the market today. We use Rare Earth Neodymium Magnets to retard the movement of the bolt for a split second, this allows for the pressure in the chamber to drop some before sending the bolt back in the recoil stroke. This allows for the use of a lighter system, yet moving at the same speed as a heavier system…..allowing for less felt recoil and with that, less vertical dot (sight) movement. What this means is that you will have a faster return to target for faster follow up shots.

    Improved TACCOM Magnet Delayed Blowback Recoil System for AR PCCs (22)

    The new generation of TACCOM magnet delayed recoil system is highly adjustable. The four magnets installed into the brass buffer are removable and the resistance of the system can be changed depending on the number of magnets used. The preload rings compress the flat-wire recoil spring a little bit more when installed on the buffer allowing to adjust the spring tension. Additionally, up to 10 coils can be cut off of the recoil spring to decrease the tension. The chart below shows how the force of this buffer assembly changes depending on the number of magnets and preload rings installed, with both full-length and 10-coils shortened springs.

    Improved TACCOM Magnet Delayed Blowback Recoil System for AR PCCs (3)

    TACCOM’s new magnet delayed blowback recoil system is compatible with carbine buffer tubes and hollow PCC bolts. Although it is marketed for 9mm AR-style carbines, the company notes that they have tested it with .45 ACP and .40 S&W carbines, and with factory ammo, the system performed spectacularly. They also claim that they have tested the system with well over 10,000 cycles with zero loss of the magnetic field.

    TACCOM magnet delayed blowback recoil system can be purchased from the company’s website for $199.95.

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