FALCO Holsters Limited Edition Hand-Tooled Holsters

Luke C.
by Luke C.
FALCO Holsters Limited Edition Hand-Tooled Holsters

FALCO Holsters is a global provider of high-quality EDC concealment holsters and accessories. For the 2022 holiday season, FALCO Holsters is offering new purpose-built leather holsters that are made by hand. These new AX11 IWB holsters will feature hand-tooled floral details which should make the holster a great addition to your own EDC lineup or a great gift for someone in your life who appreciates a functional yet stylish leather holster.

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FALCO Holsters Limited Edition Hand-Tooled Holsters

FALCO Holsters Limited Edition Hand-Tooled Holsters

The new AX11 Limited Edition Holster features intricate floral details hand-carved by Slovakia’s best master leather artisan. Each piece is laser cut from carefully selected full-grain Italian leather, then hand-sewn and hand-molded for specific firearm models. Once carved, hand painted, and varnished, the holster is finely finished with natural oils at the hands of our Master Saddler. The AX11 Limited Edition is an heirloom that delivers everyday carriers the benefits of old-world craftsmanship, functionality, and beauty.
FALCO Holsters Limited Edition Hand-Tooled Holsters
The AX11 is based on the design of FALCO’s already successful A105 holster which in a similar fashion to the new limited edition AX11 hand-tooled holster can be customized to fit over 2,500 different models of firearm yet still manages to maintain its hand-crafted appearance. The AX11 IWB leather holster will be available for both left and right-handed users, features an open-top design for use with RDS-equipped pistols, and will be sold for a limited time in 2022 at a price of $249.95. For more information or to order you can visit http://falcoholsters.com/.
FALCO Holsters Limited Edition Hand-Tooled Holsters
  • Inside the waistband (IWB)
  • Custom molded to achieve a perfect fit for over 2,000 pistol and 900 revolver models
  • Hand constructed from carefully selected full-grain premium Italian leather
  • Hand-dyed, oiled, and lacquered
  • Open-top reinforced by a second layer of leather ensures easy reholstering
  • Open muzzle design prevents the accumulation of dust and dirt and allows for threaded barrels
  • Covered barrel and covered trigger guard for safe handling
  • Proprietary FALCO® stainless steel clip delivers trustworthy retention. Corrosion-resistant black, matte finish
  • Every detail is hand-finished and colored to protect it from wear and add to the holster’s longevity
  • Available for RH and LH
  • Durable FALCO “Signature Stitching”
  • Lifetime limited warranty
Luke C.
Luke C.

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  • Kevin Craig Kevin Craig on Oct 14, 2022

    Nothing says "custom" like using the same IWB metal clips that were being sold by Tandy Leather some 40 years ago.