New ZeroTech Optics Vengeance 5-25x56mm FFP Riflescope

Eric B
by Eric B

ZeroTech Optics has added another model to their Vengeance series of riflescopes. The new Vengeance 5-25×56 FFP RMG was designed for PRS and long-range shooters. The main tube is 34 mm, with a 56 mm objective lens, and the turret offers 28 MRADs of internal elevation travel with a zero stop. The company’s own RMF FFP reticle is glass etched and the lenses have weathershield coating. The MSRP is $799.

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Below you can see the RMG FFP reticle, subtended in 0.5 mil increments with integrated 0.1 mil measuring bars. This allows the shooters to apply elevation and windage holds without having to dial the turrets. The center dot is floating. Furthermore, the RMF FFP reticle has heavy bars with chevron ends at 3, 6, 9 and 12 o’clock to help draw the shooter’s eye to the center of the reticle when you’re using it at lower power magnifications.

There is a removable throw lever included.

Here is the new product announcement from ZeroTech Optics:

ZeroTech Optics Announces the Vengeance 5-25×56 FFP RMG

ZeroTech Optics is pleased to introduce our newest addition to the Vengeance family, the FFP precision rifle powerhouse 5-25x56mm riflescope!

Designed with PRS and long range enthusiasts in mind, ZeroTech Optics engineered the Vengeance 5-25x56mm riflescope to meet the demands, practicality and budget of the fastest growing shooting sport in recent times.

Each feature of the Vengeance is specifically designed to meet and exceed the expectations of a PRS and long range shooter, providing the shooter the ability to put rounds on target with speed, and most importantly, precision.

The FFP RMG reticle is unique to ZeroTech, designed in-house to meet the demands of the long-range precision and PRS shooters alike. Whether holding elevation and windage for high speed, precision shots or dialing your turrets for long range targets, the RMG reticle is the perfect blend of precision and speed.


  • RMG FFP reticle
  • 34mm one piece maintube
  • Enhanced internal elevation travel (28 MRAD)
  • Removable throw lever included
  • Zero Stop
  • Glass etched reticle
  • Weathershield lens coating
  • Available in MRAD only
  • 5-25 magnification power
  • 56mm objective lens

About ZeroTech Optics

ZeroTech was Founded in Australia 2018, for many years the Australian shooting market had been limited to riflescopes and reticles that didn’t completely satisfy our shooting requirements or withstand our harsh and varying conditions. At that time and taking into consideration of extensive experience with optics manufacturing It was time to do what hasn’t been done before. Using the expertise and knowledge gathered from over 50 years in the optics industry, importing many tens of thousands of riflescopes, we have designed and developed our own range of riflescopes and reticles, with unique features and benefits tailored to the Australian & International market. Today, we now export our optics all over the world, including Canada, USA, New Zealand, South Africa, Spain and the UK.

To learn more, you can visit the company website at The Vengeance 5-25x56mm FFP riflescope can be found here.

Eric B
Eric B

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  • Martin To Martin To on Oct 01, 2022

    ZeroTech seems like a mistake of a name

    • Paul saver Paul saver on Oct 03, 2022

      @Martin To The 'brain child" of their "zero" marketing dept.

  • Michael Zeleny Michael Zeleny on Oct 02, 2022

    ZeroTech transmits from down under: “we have designed and developed our own range of riflescopes and reticles”.

    Sounds like yet another ChiCom production.