POTD: Swedish & U.S. Marines Light Up Their H&Ks

Eric B
by Eric B

It’s time for another Photo Of The Day, and we can’t express enough gratitude to soldiers and photographers who capture moments like this when the shooting range is lit up by the muzzle blast from rarely seen firearms. In this case, we have the Heckler & Koch G36C in the hands of U.S. Marines and Swedish Marines at the Berga Naval Base, Sweden. And as you notice, that’s not the only H&K in these images.

The suppressor seems to be from OSS ( HuxWrx).

Note the differences between the uniforms and camouflage patterns.

U.S. Marines with Force Reconnaissance, and Swedish Marines with 2d Marine Battalion, wait at the ready position to conduct a live-fire drill. Note the Aimpoint CompM5.

Below: A Swedish Marine with 2d Marine Battalion and a U.S. Marine with Force Reconnaissance, rehearse remedial action drills on an M249 Squad Automatic Weapon during exercise Archipelago Endeavor 2022 (AE22), at Berga Naval Base, Sweden, in September 2022. In Sweden, the FN Minimi is called KSP90, short for Machine Gun 1990. It’s hard to tell, but there may be an old KSP58 further back.

AE22 was an integrated field training exercise with the intention to increase operational capability and enhance strategic cooperation between the U.S. Marines and Swedish forces.

Below: Glock 17 versus SIG Sauer. In Sweden, the G17 is called Pistol 88 by the Army.

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Photos and captions by U.S. Marine Corps, Lance Cpl. Adam Scalin

Eric B
Eric B

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