POTD: Finland's 9.00 Submachine Gun 2000 (H&K MP5)

Eric B
by Eric B

Photo Of The Day and this is the fifth in a series of articles TFB is doing on the firearms used by the Finnish Army. The 9.00 Submachine Gun 2000 is used by the Finnish Border Guards, the Finnish Police and the Finnish Defence Forces. It is otherwise much more well known as the 9x19mm Heckler & Koch MP5, but each country gets to designate its own firearms.

Below: A Finnish patrol with a K9 dog and Heckler & Koch MP5s.

Here a Finnish Army description from of their 9.00 Submachine Gun 2000:

The 9.00 Submachine Gun 2000 is a self-loading semi-automatic and full-automatic weapon, action based on roller-delayed blowback. The gun has aperture sights for daytime use, but an optical sight, tactical light and laser sight can also be attached The 9.00 SMG 2000 VAIM has an integrated suppressor. The submachine gun is a light close quarter battle weapon used by special operations forces and military police.

Below you can see the basic technical specifications and performance data:

Calibre: 9 x 19 mm (Parabellum/Luger)
Length: 533 mm (stock extended 692 mm)
Weight: weapon without magazine 2.93 kg, 30 cartridge full magazine 503 gr and 15 cartridge magazine 180 gr
Rate of fire: Semi-automatic 20 – 30 aimed shots per minute Cyclic rate of fire on full automatic 800 rounds per min, including magazine changes 120 – 180 rounds per min
Effective range: up to 100 m, theoretical range 200 m
Country of manufacture: Germany

Images and facts from Puolustusvoimat / The Finnish Defence Forces.

Eric B
Eric B

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    They adopted it with a name that screams "unlicensed inclusion in a late 90's/early 00's FPS game" more than any such name I can think off the top of my head.