TFB Podcast Roundup 58: Which ACOG is the Best?

    TFB Podcast Roundup 73: Back on Track for 2023

    TFB Podcast Roundup 73: Back on Track for 2023

    Welcome to TFB Podcast Roundup 58. I hope everyone’s summer was great. This year I had a lot of good opportunities to get out and about with a lot of new guns and I’m very grateful to have been able to spend more time this summer shooting and competing than I did last year. However, like usual, I wasn’t really happy about the intense heat so you could say that I’m itching to dive headfirst not only into fall but also winter down here in the south. This week’s episodes are a combination of the old and the new as we’re bringing back a great episode from the Gun Talk Media podcast, a new podcast about unexpected enemies during SHTF situations, and of course, once again featuring one of our own homegrown podcasts with a long overdue guest – Nick C – TFB Staff Writer and Night Vision Extraordinaire. If you’re curious about the title, you won’t have long to figure it out, it’s our first featured episode of this week featuring Hop from TFBTV, DeltaThirtyFour, and BrassFacts discussing which ACOG is objectively the best ACOG (Hint, it’s the TA11). Sit back, relax, and as always, enjoy this week’s selection of gun podcast content.

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    TFB Podcast Roundup 58: Which ACOG is the Best?

    TFB Podcast Roundup 58: Which ACOG is the Best?

    TFB Podcast Roundup 58: Which ACOG is the Best?

    4x ACOG Dethroned? | ACOG Showdown

    Length: 22 Minutes

    Featuring: @Hoplopfheil @deltathirtyfour Today we, in a lighthearted fashion discuss the 3 “main” ACOG models. Ta31,Ta11,Ta33. And try to make the case for each being the “best”.

    The TA11, TA31, and TA33 are all great fixed power ACOG (Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight) sights from Trijicon that have gained much favor both in the professional military world as well as the civilian world. Everyone seems to have their “favorite” ACOG and in this light-hearted discussion between three of my favorite YouTube content producers they talk all about the pros and cons of each and ultimately give their final word on which one they think is the best. Who do you agree with and why?

    TFB Podcast Roundup 58: Which ACOG is the Best? | Photo: BrassFacts

    Listen to BrassFacts “4x ACOG Dethroned? | ACOG Showdown on YouTube

    Warrior Life Podcast | Defeating SHTF “Survival Supervillains [WL 419]

    Length: 34 Minutes

    Do you know the evil villain origin story of…

    …Oswald Cobblepot, “The Penguin” from the Batman comics?

    It’s a pretty sad story, honestly, and the reason it matters…

     …Is because if you push ANYBODY hard enough, they’ll become a VILLAIN.
    And that’s not just true in comic books, but in real-life SHTF scenarios!

    In this week’s podcast, warriors, I’ll give you 7 “evil origin factors” that could LITERALLY turn your best friends… and even your family members… against you in an emergency!

    Here’s What You’ll Discover In This Week’s Episode:

    • The “outside factor” that can make all the difference in a bad situation.
    • How fast people become villains when you deprive them of THIS…
    • A “vice factor” that can make a big difference when supply lines are cut off.
    • And much, much more!

    As always, I’d love to hear from you on our blog regarding YOUR thoughts on this topic.Share your thoughts with me… and help us build our Warrior Life community.

    TFB Podcast Roundup 58: Which ACOG is the Best? | Photo: The Warrior Life Podcast

    Clone Incorrect Podcast #27 – Ben Stoeger

    Length: 90 Minutes

    We talk to Ben Stoeger about USPSA, the future of competitive shooting, red dots versus irons on handguns, AR’s, and much more.

    Guest – Ben Stoeger

    Cast – Ethan Doors, harambes_big_return, 7.7x56mm, m1_ping, and whats_your_transfer

    TFB Podcast Roundup 58: Which ACOG is the Best? | Photo: Clone Incorrect Podcast

    Listen to the Clone Incorrect Podcast #27 – Ben Stoeger on YouTube

    Gun Talk Radio Hour 3 | RELOADED: First Person Road Range Account; Media Reaction To Landmark Gun Rights Case; Can A Concealed Carry Holder Stop A Mass Shooting?

    Length: 44 Minutes

    In This Hour:


    — Rob Morse, Gun Rights Journalist, exposed media hypocrisy on gun rights rulings.

    — Can a concealed carry person really stop a mass shooting?

    — A first-person account of a road rage incident stopped by a gun.

    Tom Gresham’s Gun Talk 09.04.22 Hour 3

    TFB Podcast Roundup 58: Which ACOG is the Best? | Photo: Gun Talk Media

    Listen to Gun Talk Radio Hour 3 On Google Podcasts

    Taurus By the Horns Podcast | Episode 7: 20-time National Champion Max Michel, Jr.

    Length: 100 Minutes

    In this month’s exclusive new episode, elite shooting team members Jessie Harrison and KC Eusebio discuss their most recent match wins, KC’s upcoming bow hunt in Colorado and the launch of their all-new Taurus video series dedicated to education, safety and proficiency.

    They also welcome Team Sig Captain and 20-time National Champion Max Michel, Jr. as their special podcast guest. Boasting more than 300 major championship victories, Max is one of the most dominant shooters in the entire world—and the only person in history to hold Seven World Speed Shooting Championships.

    Listen in as Max talks about what he does to separate himself from the competition, his love and passion for the shooting sports and the real reason why he doesn’t display his championship trophies. Plus lots, lots more!

    TFB Podcast Roundup 58: Which ACOG is the Best? | Photo: Taurus

    Listen to the Taurus By The Horns Podcast Episode 7: 20-Time National Champion Max Michel, Jr. On Google Podcasts

    TFB B-Side Podcast: Night Vision Talk with TFB’s Nick C

    Length: 81 Minutes

    On Today’s episode of the TFB B-Side Podcast we have TFB Staff Writer Nick C. Nick is a long-time writer for The Firearm Blog and I’ve brought him on the show today to share a bit of his past with TFB, and also talk about one of his favorite subjects – night vision. Nick is our resident night vision guru and knows just about everything there is to know about all types of night vision devices whther that be the traditional anolog type, ditigal night vision or even thermal imaging devices. Nick’s enthusiasm and obsession has allowed him to not only develop the highly successful TFB series “Friday Night Lights” but has also allowed him to get in contact with many of the night vision industry’s biggest producers and as a result, Nick has been able to get his hands on some really high end and obscure night vision gear to share with the rest of us, an opportunity that has really helped make the Blog what it is today. So if you’ve ever been curious about what kind of night vision is out there, how much it costs, and how they work, this episode is the perfect one to tune into. Please welcome TFB Staff writer Nick C to the show!

    Friday Night Lights article series on TFB

    Contact Nick on Instagram for daily Chenanagins and cool night vision Stuff

    TFB Podcast Roundup 58: Which ACOG is the Best?

    TFB Podcast Roundup 58: Which ACOG is the Best?

    Listen to the TFB B-Side Podcast: Night Vision Talk with TFB’s Nick C on Spotify

    That’s all the episodes we’ve got for you this week! Please let us know if you’ve got any great podcasts or podcast episodes you think others here would like! Thanks as always for reading and listening right here on TFB! Have a safe week everyone!

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