POTD: Bravo42 Photography – Kalashnikov USA KP9

    Bravo42 Photography

    It’s not too often we have an AK-style pistol caliber carbine in our Photo Of The Day. But thanks to a new (to us at least) star in the sky we have some wonderful pictures to show of the Kalashnikov USA KP9. All of these photos are from Bravo42 Photography, check out his excellent images below.

    Here’s a list of parts used in the gun of these pictures:

    Kalashnikov USA KP9
    EOTech EXPS3
    Krebs Custom MKvi Enhanced Safety
    Rifle Dynamics Short stroke kit
    Sabrewerks Scout mount
    Kalashnikov USA Extended charging handle
    Kalashnikov USA k21 eastern block rail
    Kalashnikov USA Enhanced mag release
    LBE Unlimited G3 Trigger
    JMac Customs LLC 2 Port Brake
    Gear Head Works Compact Tailhook

    The setup above isn’t bad, but I think I prefer wooded furniture. What about you?

    Which setup do you like the best? Let us know in the comments below.

    You can find Bravo42 Photography here bravo42.photography on Instagram and this is their website: www.bravo42photography.com