POTD: CZ Firearms – The Vz. 58

    POTD: CZ Firearms - The Vz. 58

    All images from: CZ firearms - Česká zbrojovka.

    Welcome back to TFB’s Photo Of The Day!  We have some historical images from CZ Firearms (Česká zbrojovka) to share.

    CZ Firearms wrote:

    Sa 58, Vz. 58, also informally known as Kosa (scythe) or Pádlo (paddle). All those names belong to the first weapon of its kind ever produced by the CZ factory in Uherský Brod. Favored by many for its versatility and durability it has always been living in the shadow of an AK platform. Let’s talk about why it is even further from “a plain AK copy” than it may seem.
    For more info visit their CZ Blog.

    POTD: CZ Firearms - The Vz. 58

    The vz. 58 taken apart.

    Mine likes to throw empty brass miles away and pretty straight up.

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